How to turn on rune notification display?

Hi, as per topic and refer about picture, did I turn off rune notification display? If yes please teach me turn it on, please… LOL

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Nope, Its an acknowledged bug. Sometimes the yellow dot won’t show. It may show after some time.

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I have this problem daily, I hope Flaregames fixes it so that the yellow dot always appears immediately

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It’s take so long for Flare to settle this bug, no yellow dot and no glowing.

This is happening because there are many things existing in the map at once. Two things occur when this problem happens:

  1. New red/blue/yellow dots stop appearing on the map progress bar until current troops start to die. The token dropped after there was no more room so no yellow dot appeared. You can test this out by spawning a lot of knights without letting them die, eventually they stop appearing on the bar. This also hides the pal beast’s dot.

  2. The game seems to auto-adjust its graphics when there is a lot going on in a raid. This is why the gold aura was gone. Animations disappear but they still deal damage/buff/etc if that was their purpose.

Under high load, the game also hides snake/frost/gargoyle tower spills (This has killed me many times :cry: ), blessing scroll Phoebe/Nemesis, Battlecry/intimidate aura on troops, fire on the FB arrows (Making them harder to see sometimes).

There are probably a lot of other things that become hidden too, but those are the big ones I’ve seen.

Flare should make yellow dots and these animations take priority.


since I almost always attack with a large number of fighters, I often have this problem.

In the picture you can see the pearl as it was dropped on the other side of the path,
the yellow dot was created about 10s later.

Video explanation
Everything here also applies to yellow treasure dots, red enemy dots, and the beast dot.

Thanks for the video, but it doesn’t help solve the problem.

The developers have to program the yellow dots so that they are always visible, otherwise the system is pointless, you can’t run 3x back and forth in time just because the dots aren’t visible

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Hello there,
Yes, this is a confirmed bug. It will most likely be fixed with the new version.

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