How to unlock the free Christmas landscape?

I don’t know how to unlock the free Christmas landscape???

If you are refering to the free landscape regarding Christmas you’ll have to wait for this week since they still have to reveal all the gift that will bring the event, probably they will update the game on monday for it don’t know though.

Oh okay…

Thank you :slight_smile:

the update is out on Android - and no free landscape

Will it be a new landscape? Because I already have the Christmas landscape, or maybe I can get the 150 gems that it’s worth?

You need your Ogre to smash & destroy the snowdolls in your landscape, then the gems will rain down on you…

Most probably they will give away the Christmas landscape for free as they did last year when they introduced this landscape. Passed the Christmas it will return to 150 as usual. However you’ll need to wait the event.

It is still UNKNOWN

My guess is they give xmas landscape in one of those special holiday chests…

not really!! I have use this landscape Christmas Woods in December 2015 until May 2016 and now same after Christmas I still have it. I can use it at any time. there is no cost of 150 gems. When you use it at Christmas you have unlock it forever. I bet hard on that you can have Graveyard for free too if you you use it during Halloween in October

I think you misunderstood my post or i expressed bad myself. I wanted to say that during the Christmas period the Christmas Woods landscape is given out for free and it’ll be yours forever if you take it, then passed Christmas, the landscape returns to its normal price of 150 if you still didn’t take it for free during that period. It’s obvious that after you press “FREE” it becomes free forever as well as when you buy it  :grinning:

to be honest its stupid no? Ok use this landscape during event or you pay 150 gems after to unlock it if you don’t use it during event. Seriously I don’t think someone its well enough… to buy it at 150 gems or 300 gems :blink: to have both. Still for me same the others at 150 gems its too much. I don’t see the interest to spend gems on that or waste gems on that

I don’t know if I am the only who think the landscape should be free or do quest to unlock them like Cloud Raiders. 

You can always use vouchers to buy landscapes ^^

Christmas landscape is not effective. Too good visibility of the base. Not worth even as a free gift. Think Graveyard is much better. Dark colors (but not too dark like in burning rock), two-colored stoned tiles and strange misleading obstacles looking like towers…