How "Unique" is a unique item??

I got the very same unique shield for Ajax twice now… not only that this totally disregards the term “unique”- i cant even forge the second one - the game pops out there back to the main hero window…that cant be right …right??

I agree @Xanda74 with regards to obtaining multiple uniques. Some of us are lucky and some aren’t! Top players get titan chests frequently due to their position in the trophy leaderboard and having obtained prestige for prob 2 years via war and daily gifts( so most are nearly at celestial boost 30 by now = +5 titan points) So to keep their interest I think that’s why it random and not based on what you already have.   That said, their should be a mechanism for a player that has say less than 8 unique items, not to get the same one again, once you have over 8, let it be pure chance.

Incidentally, I’ve got 8 uniques and have never had a duplicate (lucky I guess), so I can’t answer the 2nd part of your question. But sounds like a possible bug.

I found 3 mirror shield, the last one yesterday

Can I have one?

willingly if it were possible

@vasudeva1 the 2nd throw it to me, I’ll buy u a beer each day for the entire August ?

Neptune it’s free, for friends I do so

I can share Helen’s boots and Cadmus Shields as I got 3 per each of them, 2 left though ?

I’m thinking to make a present to @CaptainMorgan aswell lol

Guys don’t you, It would be nice, if we are able to make Unique items donations within our alliance members at least…

Also a shared gem chest if possible… Like monthly once, the whole alliance gets some promotions of some kind for free from FG, just so it promotes the game more… 

But does he need them???

I don’t know if he is crazed about unique items as we are.???

I found these again, two Nemisis, Asterion and three gift of thetis.

I reall don’t like the idea or support a feature that demands 10 million gold plus one five star titan item for dismantling.

Then a quest that requires two or more weeks time to complete (you know breaks during wars makes task such as collecting 100k victory points little longer and difficult or not not mention conquer 500 isles).

Then there is the problem of finding same unique item or other unique item that player already have in it’s inventory too.

I know @Neptune has bad luck in such tasks as the guy always end up finding same item again from cursed chest??? 

You notice it’s always the female heroes that get multiple footwear! FG trying to add realism to the game! 

I suppose you could refine them with different attributes, but refining would have to be a lot better. 

I think I cursed 2-3 items so far. Couldn’t farm enough gold and forge 5* items, then to dismantle them for this process. But I do have some duplicates and useless uniques. Hopefully @CaptainMorgan and his team decide to change few things, making that cost like 5mil and remove these stupid quests like 500 islands etc. There are better tasks I guess, such as collect X books/gold, spend X ambrosia etc. 

P.s can’t complain about 5* titans due to these low forging costs. Now it is easier to forge and dismantle them.