How very clever of FG

Hi- i was wondering how very clever of FG in milking us with gems from keeping some information hidden.

I am talking about the Ninja Event. When we do our fights we actually just see in our ranks in a league, however, in the alliance ranking we see the list and also in how many fights (21/30, 24/30, 29/30).

This information is also required in the league table because we should know if a person above with x or y  number of ninja coins is from less number or equal or more number of fights than me. It will help me to decide to continue scrolling or discontinue scrolling, in other words, can I beat the other to reach a better rank.

Currently, I have no clue if in this league can I catch with the person above. It’s just that if I do all 30 raids perfectly and open all CoF boxes perfectly (including gemming), i will be first, but I have no clue of what to do to reach 2 or 3 or higher ranks.

Any Suggestions?




True, I’ve asked about same exact thing after 1st ninja as I was missing the exact number of coins I would have gotten from the CoF than a guy 1 spot higher then me - I had no idea whether I forgot to open a chest or not and whether I should keep scrolling or give up. Currently it doesn’t matter to me aymore. If you want to win or be any close to top 10-20 you need to beat all islands, so knowing whether others complited their all battles or not won’t help me much anymore in anything, I just need to do my thing. Though it would definitely be helpful in the situation I had in the first ninja event.

If you want joint first, you need to beat all islands 100%, and get the coins in the first COF chest. Anything less will not get you joint first. You don’t need to see how many fights or what the target is

Of course if you miss, you don’t want to continue, but what if the guy above you has finished all his raids and you need probably enough coins in CoF to beat him to probably get better pearls won’t you take it?


:slight_smile: Theoretically, yes, you’re right

but :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Do you think someone will be interested to takel position 39 and not 43, and  only because he(or she) missed one of the towers?

True. But still at probably higher levels. For eg. I did all my raids perfect till 24, and then missed a tower. Probably I can calculate by checking the list where I will reach if I take all the coins. But again if the list is available in the alliance leadership board, why not in league board?


Missing the coins in CoF hurts more than missing a tower.  I misclicked on 1 CoF, but got 100% everything else last PvE, and was way down on the board. 

Looking at my current league now I can see 3 who missed 1 CoF, and 6 who missed 1 tower ahead of them.  And still have 13 hours to go before the end, so there might be more

I had a CoF crash after opening 2 failed chest on 26. 3 stars in all plus every other CoF opened. My current rank 29th 1,100 below 1st.  :-(



I scored 100% on the islands, but didn’t open all chests. I know it’s me to blame (refused to waste gems and din’t get 4 times CoF coins) , because I decided not to open those chests with gems but…

I think that it’s abnormal that coins in chest determine more than 10% of the total possible score. To make it even worse, missing a single tower should lead to a lower score than missing coins in CoF while in fact the opposite is true now.

So because I refused to open some chests I get a lousy reward, while I scored perfect on all islands? I would reward chests based on scores on the islands. Pearls should be given for highest score on leaderboard, chests should be based on success rate on islands.

I really need to scratch behind my ears that a player failing to get all CoF coins (for example one CoF coin failure) is punished harder than a player missing several towers and that he will end lower on the leaderboard. What kind of logic is that, it has nothing to do with skills. Missing towers should lead to lower places in comparison with missing coins in CoF.

I will be looking forward to my position on the leaderboard, scoring 100% on the islands, (less than 10% of the persons did it in my league), I expect to end on a place where the rewards are not good at all.

Let’s have just 1 coin in each CoF. :rolleyes: 

we can try to do a debate on that but I am sure Flare don’t care

Skulls in COF in War Season allow you to obtain more chest maybe can be acceptable

Ninja Coins in COF in Ninja Event? Not sure… I don’t have problem to find them all but I understand the player who cannot. Where is the skills in that? For me its like a kid in USA who have 12 years old and be multi millionnaire and have do nothing all of his life. Here its the same think I guess.

Someone can be proud to be #1 because he work hard to obtain #1 like in the real life we are proud of people who work hard and not people who don’t

Ninja Coins? its not I call skills at all. We talk to a wall in the void with Flare anyway

Give us something more skilled where only player who have skills can obtain higher rewards and remove Ninja Coins. If I want to finish in top 20 I must work hard to go there and not only because I finish with 214,546 or 215,456,etc…

the concept of gaining coins need improvement  


You were lucky only missing 4 times :grinning:  My best result by far were 4 misses in CoF. Normally it’s around 8 misses.
Needless to say that i scored 100% on all islands, but with 8 misses you get 51st+, which are 500 gems.

I got number 28 :slight_smile: , while a lot above me missed several towers.

Nowadays a lot more players spend gems in CoF. Then, when they fail some towers, they are still above me (as you said).
In the beginning i ended up in the twenties or thirties … which was around 1500 pearls, now only 500.

I only can only get the daily gem package every so often, but for the most part can’t really spend gems during wars.  

But spending gems to get 1st in the PvE is well worth it for the results.  I drop a few trophies to make it easier, I want to get some more levels in Firestorm before I try harder.

If you aren’t going to spend gems on something that gives such a good benefit, then what are you doing with them?  If you’re saving up for Alliance Tower upgrade, then that’s understandable, but it sounded like you refuse to open CoF on principle, which just didn’t make much sense.

FG should limit the miss only first time or 15 gems in one CoF not 30 or even 45 gems for the coins.