How was I attacked 4 times in a row within 6 minutes (open base) by the same player?

I thought the max was 3 times and then the whole “too many raids” pops up? Obviously I don’t care for the gold or trophies just curious as to how I was attacked 4 times in a row


after attacking a player using matchmaker you can still attack him/her +3 times

Must be pretty lucky to get an open base worth attacking on matchmaker. Thanks for the reply

I’ve noticed that I’m not limited to three attacks anymore. It usually stops me based on a proortionate gold amount stolen rather than number of attacks. So if I fail a base I still get more than 2 further attacks etc.

I don’t get 4 even if I fail a base. Haven’t tried the matchmaking hypothesis(and/or)fact yet

It could be a timing thing. I have a few I raid around in a cycle so not immediately doing three raids on the same base. But over 24 hours I do waay more than 3.