How work XP?

Like everybody I was sure to know how that worked. Apparently a lots of factor we don’t know

I still search for why a level 69 I attack with close nothing. No boost.No beast. Offer me 3 Millions with the x4 event. I have try the other level 99-100 with huge boost and give me only 700k or 900k. I check the wiki but sadly the wiki is imcomplete. Not XP value for Necromancer,Viking and Basilik.

the level 69 I attack don’t have blockade or traps or anything special. Just some mummy,werewolf and arblaster. 2 Basilik,Skull Tower and Snake.

Forge did count? some that forge at +100 tower vs one with low forge. give more XP or nothing more?

Can be good to know the answer. Still 30 hours of the event X4. I really want to search for other target. Poor guy I attack him like 100 times since the event. He must be tired to see my name in his list. this morning I have lose 3 time volontary to regive him trophy and all

we know so far

1.Timer have a role.

2.Mummy give huge XP

I have try some base with huge amount of mummy and waste time at 10 seconds and give me only 1 million XP. With a 220% XP gear. i should find easy 2 or 3 millions target but its not the case. Struggle to find just one.

So maybe others factor. I have try some base with level 1 tower. Give me like level 10 tower. 1 Million. So level of tower don’t seem to affect XP

So i’m lost

 PS : Not 1 million is bad because its just 30 attacks to level up but I really want to maximize the XP for the last day and find opponent at 2 or 3 millions

After check my video seem Firebolt and Skull Tower offer high XP. So i have try a base with similar stuffs and gain 2 millions.

Forget this theory. I have face someone with Pro Firebolt and Skull Tower with boost. Only 700k

Continue to search what give huge XP

Don’t seem to be Lightning Tower. Just 1.2 Million

Don’t seem to be Werewolf and Ogres. Beurk 450k only

Don’t seem to be Vikings. 1.1 Million

Boosted Gargoyle. 1.2 million. Totally full Boosted Gargoyle 1.5 Million

Necromancer 1.5 Million

Normal Mummy,Booster Gargoyle Nest and Celestial Phoebe. 1 Million

Full Boosted Mummy 1.1 Million

Necromancer + Boosted Mummy 1.4 Million

Weird very weird. 20 towers + Necromancer + 2 Booster Gargoyle Nest only 700k

Castle Gate maxed with 21 tower + just few non boosted mummy 2 Millions

out of foods. I will test more later

  1. Elite boost doesn’t have any change on xp gain. So conclusion xp gain from a base having elite boosts and without elite boosts is same. (except necros) 

  2. War boosted mummy gives high xp value because of the knights it spawn upon dying. 

  3. The war boosted gargoyle tower is a sweet xp pot. 

  4. Witch doctor gives high xp because of the insane amout of skeletons it generates in defence. 

  5. Level of towers, obstacles and troops has effect on xp gain. The more the level of it the more is xp gain. 

  6. Same should go with forgings. (need confirmation) 


Above an old topic, answered by oPelle

If we would complete the xp values for all of these categories, we could make an overview of xp obstacles, towers and troops who give most XP. For example, if we would make an overview for maxed stuff, it would already help a lot amongst us.