How XP really works

how much i geting experience from battle? there is diference from hero, or enemy level?

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I would guess that you would get more experience from attacking a higher level player. 

Don’t know - never really payed attention to it

Good question ? Hopefully a dev can weigh in

The amount of XP your Hero gets in battle fully depends on the opponent’s defense waves, towers, barricades and the Gate of Apollo.

Every unit which is defeated gives XP depending on how much morale it costs. Every tower (or barricade) you destroy gives XP depending on how much health it has. Destroying the Gate of Apollo gives the most XP so you level up faster by actually winning battles.

When you fight stronger opponents whose defense waves have more units in them and who have placed more towers and barricades your Hero will gain more XP.


If like me you aren’t a hardcore player and you’ve been stuck forever with level 19 heroes, you probably understand how frustrating it is to farm with a hero and maybe you’re like “WTF?! this is taking forever”

That’s why I’ve tried to understand how to optimize XP (without hiring a Chinese bot):

I’ve logged my last 10 attacks (here with Cadmus) and recorded the XP gain:

| target level | blessing | result | XP (k) |
| 107 | full | 55% | 46 |
| 107 | full | 100% | 51 |
| 110 | full | 100% | 40 |
| 108 | few | 100% | 36 |
| 103 | none | 100% | 34 |
| 103 | full | 100% | 41 |
| 107 | empty base | 100% | 27 |
| 97 | full + high lvl | 45% | 46 |
| 97 | full + high lvl | 55% | 45 |
| 108 | none | 100% | 31 |


My conclusion is that is likely that:

  • Blessed defense are worth 15/20% more XP than unblessed
  • The XP you gain by beating the final gate is <10% of total
  • You won’t make much XP on a defense that don’t have much defensive buildings (not sure if you can get XP by defeating units though)
  • Ascension level seems irrelevant (more likely levels of barricades/towers +units?)
  • You get more XP by failing a strong opponent than winning an easy base


Suggestions to optimize XP gain:

  • Attack as much as you can. Never have full ambrosia and attack the strongest, closest and blessed bases. If you win: good for you. If you lose, good for you too.
  • If you fail a base at the gate, nvm, attack again, you’re getting good XP.
  • Dropping trophies won’t help you much cause you’ll be more likely to face weaker opponents.
  • Do not waste time calculating when you could be farming instead.
  • Or you may chose to drop all that shit and buy yourself a level up with gems. :wink:


Seriously, do we gain XP by defeating strong units too or is that just towers/barricades?

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Your hero also gains XP for every unit you defeat, depending on its morale cost. Blessed units are worth slightly more XP.

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Are you implying that the rest of my conclusions is correct? :slight_smile:

Nice post AwesomeDude, I wanted myself to track XP and calculate how it works but I was always too lazy : P
One thing that I’m still wondering about is, if the remaining time plays a role…

My understanding is that it doesn’t. In fact, if you have a lot of time left when you win a battle you have faced fewer units, so that would be fewer xp. Additionally, if you have a lot of time left you are likely facing weaker opponents, which as Doud mentioned result in fewer xp as well. 

Hello to the much older players of this game, have you guys found a way to approximate just how many battles it would take for a certain hero to level up with just the experience needed to level up as the information to go on?

For example, my Cadmus right now at level 18 needs 4 million experience to reach level 19, approximately how many battles would that take? 300 to 400 battles? Or better yet, approximately how many experience points does a battle give?

TIA. :slight_smile:

i’ve done a funny calculation before , 
4,000,000 divided by (average xp from your last 5 or 10 battles)  … its accurate forecast to me
i did it because i need around 16 mil to get artemis from 19 to 20 


I will try that, thanks @Lithgow!

well it’s some time I have all of 'em to 20, but if I remember well it was an average of 40k a fight. Could change from 28 to almost 50k depending from how much stuff you were destroying, but an average of 36-40k was good enough.


If i remember well, that is :slight_smile:


@Dheth , it’s about that value, depends on your asc level too (unfortunately)


Thanks guys! Estimating it will be around 50 battles then. I am at level 84 right now.

Sharnado, There is a prestige boost that is giving %40 xp to heroes. Soon you will reach it and that will help you some…