Huge Crystal ?bug?

According to @CaptainMorgan on 5.4 preview:

" Crystals can be found in several ways, including performing well in Wars or the Odyssey. In the version after 5.4.0 you may also have the opportunity to win them as rewards from Islands."

Well, he said that in the version after 5.4 we will get it from islands, which means we will be able to get it from odyssey/war right?

Apparently not as my teammate finished his with 4 titan chests and i finished with 5 titan chests and we have both not gained a single crystal…

What the f***!!! Youre losing players, please fix this stuff

I was going hard to finish ody asap just for the crystals… what a bummer.

I hope we get some huge crystal compensation. Or at least a very high amount of gems, because this is just ridiculous


It’s really frustrating. There are too few ways to get crystal. The game is moving towards p2w
Maybe CM forgot to remind you that the main way to get crystal is to pay for it,:grinning:


I was expecting at least 20-30/titan ody chest :roll_eyes:


Aren’t we on 5.4 now? So we won’t get crystals for other things until next update? I think he said March sometime. Nevertheless, it is frustrating to be so limited right now. Especially since higher ascension levels take so many more crystals.

He said after 5.4 we Will get from attacking islands, which means now we should be getting from ody and war

you have a bug … do not receive the chests after watching the commercials or the commercials do not start … please fix the problem and I hope to receive a bonus for the inconvenience caused by the bug

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and something else … I wanted to send a message to the customer service but the site keeps telling me that I didn’t fill all the requests although I wrote them exactly as they are requested … so this service is disappointing .

It is already a custom in this game to announce one thing and put another totally different, anyway this of the crystals will harm the medium and low levels, they will get bored and leave the game, bad game management policy


I think it would be the best if nobody bought a crystal for money. This update is good no-one else, only for FG.
50 crystals for 2nd level, 250 crystals for 3rd level?
It’s ridicoulos.


I’ll tell you what absurdity is. According to the rules, the fourth level needs 1250


It is possible to win Crystals in Odyssey and Wars already, but the chance is quite small. You can also find them in Video Ad chests.

As mentioned, the other ways of winning more Crystals will mostly be implemented in the version after 5.4.0, which is not yet available. You will have opportunities to win them on Islands, and we will also introduce events where you have a higher chance of finding them.

This version is planned for late March/Early April if all goes well.


I found 9 crystals in 5 odyssey titan chests :neutral_face:

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yo uso pc y me encuentro en desventaja con los que usan movil ya que estos tienen la posibilidad de obtener cofres de anuncios de video que dan diamantes, lo cual les permite progresar mas rapido, yo queria tener la posibilidad de acceder al mismo beneficio, si podian hacer algo para los jugadores de pc tambien lo obtengan