Huge Increase in Price for Gems - I will quit if no correction is made

The recent outrageous price increase is unacceptable and I will quit if it is not lowered or I am offered some discount as what used to happen.

Why aren’t there any more specials?

I have spent a lot of cash to climb quickly and this happens. I refuse to pay those prices.

If I don’t get an offer in the next day or two, I will leave the game for good And spend $1000s on another game.

Easy man, you see may be this a misunderstanding, so I recommend you trying to contact with flaregames support instead being here waiting for some answers.

just level up faster, that’s what I do

If you are talking about the Apple price increase, please check this thread:


We are already looking into the situation.

They do offer a lot of special packages as well and gem discount sales. Those things are typically triggered when you are low on gems tho but the gem sales can happen anytime.

Flaregames is gouging and taking advantage of players that like the game. They are blaming Apple but no other vendor has raised their prices.

Also, they changed the game so it takes much longer to raise enough gold to improve things and to climb through the ranks,

I don’t get any more specials which would con me into buying more gems so game has ground to a halt. If they don’t give any incentive, I will my $1000s any everyone else I can convince to abandon the game.

Really ticked off,

King John