Hunter Armor PRO League Hunter Cup

I like the PRO League Hunter Cup king.

I have the Hammerhead shark weapon from an Oddball set I bought,

the rest of the outfit I am not sure of; the helm is a wolf,

is the body also a wolf, or is that Bucky Bunny Easter armor :slight_smile:

the shoulders are skulls so that makes them instantly cool!

the feet look like Yeti; or should I expect Kevin Costner to come dance with me?

anyhow if it is a set, any of you been playing for a long time RR2 players post a comment.

danke :slight_smile:

The gloves you can buy in the Pro-Shop (Horko`s Gloves). The other stuff is rare Uber. 

Edit: The Chloris Axe from the Pro-Shop has the same Perks as the Warhammerhead (Speed and Slowdown).

Exactly as orko said. I prefer the Whammerhead to the Chloris Axe, because it’s so rare and fun. It was available in a festival sometime last year, I think. In the 1 million likes festival. One of the funnest items in the game!

Just to complement:

Not counting with special offers, the following items are only obtainable via dungeons:

  • Ogre Skulls (pauldrons): Cave of Grave Goods XXI
  • Wolf’s Bane (helmet): Cave of Grave Goods XXII

TY all for the information :slight_smile:


Maybe they can make special offers every week that include the current gear from the PRO? 3€ per set or so?

@Madlen maybe a topic for the Feature-Request board?

Edit: No dev-tag, only plain-text ?

I suggest opening a thread with this suggestion in the feature request section ?.

Thank you! :slight_smile:

I would like to see all of the special dungeon items be unavailable in offers and chests and only attainable via the dungeon. Or, you can’t get the item from chests and offers unless you have first beat the dungeon. I’ve already received the Eagle Wings twice and it’s disappointing as I was looking forward to unlocking them through a dungeon fight

How to solve the problem with the level? I passed all the dungeons a long time ago at level 100, respectively, the stats of things were for this level. I would like to receive these items again at level 130.

I think you can get them in uber chests…but the odds are not high ?

Feel free to support my idea in the feature-request board. :slight_smile:

the option with the purchase I do not like, like all free players)

Then you have to be lucky with the monthly free Uber-Chest.

I aggree that the special dungeon items shouldn’t be available in special offers, but I don’t agree with the chests part.

In fact, to solve this problem like Invizzible stated:

I think that a good solution would be to do the following to these items availability:

  • Level 1-129: Only attainable via Dungeon
  • Level 130: Small chance equal to  golden uber items, to win these again.

Since ppl usually win these items when they’re far below max level…

I think that level 130s should have a chance at winning a maxed dungeon item!

Well, the wings were available at the last event for example.

not very smart of you. sometimes opinions may be different with yours. reconcile

You want some ultra rare Uber items but dont want to pay for it … so what is you proposal?

I can buy them for game currency(gems) , but not for real money only

Also fine. How about a “Uber-Shop” besides the Pro-Shop where we can buy with Gems and or Vouchers? I think this would be a good solution for all of us.

I like the look of the Shaman Cup, I am waiting for the Necromancer set to be offered as my special Offer

PRO League Shaman Cup.jpg