Hydra not attacking the gate

When using (blessed) hydra, upon reaching the gate, it appears that only 2 of the hydra are actually ‘spitting’ at the gate causing damage, no matter how many are actually lined up in front of the gate.

This was only pointed out to me today so I did a little testing and it does appear to be happening. I thought at first that maybe it was only a display issue, but I spent a minute at the gate, having pulled the gatekeeper to the side to let the hydra have at it, and the gate health barely moved.

Anyone else noticing this also?

I’m using version 5.0.2 on ipad/iphone and in game name is Skellz.

There was a post about this a while back, which I can’t seem to find right now. But from my memory, I believe what happens is that the first couple Hydras lay their spit on the Gate and then it takes some time for the spit path to fade. No other Hydras will duplicate the attack until the first fades. Once it fades, the Hydras deem it attackable again, but the same ones will attack as they’re the closest. It gives that illusion of a bunch of slackers because they don’t want to spit on the same place. I think @CaptainMorgan was in the original reply about this when it was asked about them attacking towers/barricades? I assume it’s the same issue.

Thanks for the reply. Definitely sounds like a bug then. Hopefully it’s fixed soon! All those poor hydras going to waste.

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I’ll have a look into this now

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I agree with @skellz once you have more than 1 hydra occupying roughly the same position, appears that only one is actually spitting venom.

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I do confirm this, + even worse, for couple of seconds in a row, they do nothing.

Any news? Thanks again for checking

I have reproduced the issue and it has been entered into our bug tracker


Super. Thanks very much!

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Can we expect this issue to be fixed in the upcoming update?

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Can we get an update on this issue please?

@CaptainMorgan any chance of an indication as to when this will be sorted, it can be a real pain and when gates are boosted significantly at the end of war season makes things worse. Just today had about 4-5 hydras with over 20s at a gate but had to use a pyro and chronos invoc as it seemed only one was doing anything. It’s been reported and confirmed for a while.


Still no reply. Are Flare on summer holidays?

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This is a slightly more complicated change than it appears, as it requires changes to unit behaviour. We will try to include it in version 5.2.0.


Fair enough but you’ve known about it now for a long time. Why is it such a low priority? It would make a huge difference in some players results.

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just another question that is maybe related, idk: is it intended that big pertified units like phoenix or griffins block other big units when e.g. the perseus gk cast medusas gaze? the big ones cannot pass, but smaller ones do. maybe its intended just like in real life it would happen too.


Thanks for the reply, but as was pointed out, this isn’t a new issue. It’s frustrating when things that directly impact game play take so long to get fixed.