I think the hydra must breath fire …instead of poisen because we HV no warriars that has power fire …Medusa has poisen power so it look nice A dragon breath fire …

Is there anybody view this or nt?

Yes, we read through all suggestions and evaluate them. :grinning:

And u also give more creatures and powers…and god like stuffs there r more   so game make more bigger stage hope u remember Percy Jackson movies a lot of stuffs god u can take from there …it don’t have even the third brother of Zeus and hades …posieden ? 

Plz if u like it gibe a reply

Hey Namit,

Thanks for your cool suggestions. Since the Hydra is a serpent rather than a dragon, we will keep it with poison damage, but you are right that we need more fire-based attacks. Maybe something will come in the near future.

We will be adding new Powers, creatures, etc. as the game evolves, and maybe we will also find a spot for Poseidon himself.

Cerberus would be cool.

Standard attack: bite
Second attack: breath fire