I Am Aggressive and Rude !

Upon inspecting my forum posts It seems like a few members on this forum believe that i am aggressive and rude, so i decided to make a post and clarify that there are many people from all walks of life on this forum so misunderstandings and misinterpretations are common and if i am judged for defending my opinions and points of view then so be it, but just to be clear never have i once insulted or showed aggression to any members that did not do the same to me.


Some members have said sorry in past posts were they were wrong in some matter and i even forgave them publicly so set a good example.


Also i would like to say that if my posts are rude or insulting then forum staff should have gave me warning points but till now i have received none, so i believe staff see’s nothing wrong with me.



If some of you find the statement of me being aggressive and rude true then please do tell me and let it be known, if it is not true then please do say it as i do not like being labeled something i am not, I know this forum can and will continue to grow with or without me but despite by contributions and efforts from my past and future posts in helping past, present, and future members i am personally insulted and offended at the label that’s being stamped upon myself and i will surely not stick around somewhere where i am not and do not feel welcomed by the community.



Tell me your honest thoughts …

You called our princess a moron on public forums


Princess ? Who are you talking about … And i never knew there was such a thing on this forum , and i’m sure it was for a reason if you look more closely ,

Well, if you search the forum for the word “moron” there is only one post that is found, and that post is written by you. I believe I had a comment at that time as well. And just because during that period the forum was less moderated than it is now and you received no warnings, it still doesn’t make it right.

That being said, the fact the you genuinely try to correct what is wrong is certainly commendable and appreciated.

Pufff forum staff… Warning points, all that most of them do is just closing post just because according to them people from here is posting the same when all that most of users are doing is just looking for help… Mods= brillantes rosinantes

And by the way You seem to be a nice guy…



Actually i did search it up and the only posts that come up is this one, it still doesn’t make it right to call someone a moron in a defensive state ?  So if i am rude because of that then what can you say about Master E ? Did you not recall when he said to me and i quote " FUCK YOU " ! Multiple times in one thread, So you guys completely forgot about that but judge me for saying moron ? How convenient.

MasterE is a very humble person for someone who has stayed in the top for so long, you cannot compare yourself to him. And this post is about you and your actions, not about MasterE or someone else.



So just because you think he is humble it is okay for him to curse me out but if i use a slight slur i am in the wrong and that is why i can not compare myself to the almighty, is that your logic ? And  yes this post is about me and my actions but i am comparing how one person can be wrong for saying moron but a person who uses the F word is fine as long as he’s in the top 10 and think he is humble,  Moron is pretty elementary compared to that word,  Another thing, just because he is in the top 10 for so long does not give him more rights than other players so for you to even mention that he is a top 10 player is irrelevant.

I am not judging you, I just replied to your initial question. And this is the first time I ever heard about the defensive state argument. Interesting. And no, in my opinion it doesn’t make it right in any circumstances. There you have it. Now, it it pointless to say that someone else did something similar, so why are you judging me - we are distinct individuals, usually past kindergarten phase and just because somebody else made a similar mistake doesn’t make yours right, nor it exonerates you in any way.


I know that it does not exonerate me in anyway however i think you completely missed my point, which is how can you guys call me rude for that but not say the same for the person who uses more fowl language ? That just does not make any sense, If you didn’t know he cursed me out just because of a joke that he didn’t get, you said that in your own opinion you don’t think it’s right even in a defensive situation so is he not as rude as i am then ? I’m not saying your taking his side, but then again i wouldn’t be surprised since he is the leader of your group and that’s kind of trending on this forum right now, other members words not mine.

No actually its not ok for him also to drop the f bomb, but my reply was not based solely on this, but on multiple occasions regarding both you and MasterE.

anon you need a hug? personally i like you tho many dont but then again quite a few people dont like me here aswell but someone has to be the bad guy,


look at doinnovation on the leaderboard in game surrounded by people who thinks he is the bad guy but if you didnt know some back story to that situation he looks like a damn hero fighting of hordes of people to overcome lol. perception is the decisive key.


and i could of swore it was HSMK that said fuck you to you. not master E

I did not miss your point, but this post was about you, not somebody else. It is like a thief asks why is he judged when there are bigger thieves around.

Yeah, it was HSMK…so wrong on this one as well…


A lot of people don’t like the truth and are afraid to speak their mind against the wrong and that’s not what i stand for so if that’s why i am hated on here then so be it.





No my comparison is similar to to a thief being charged with murder and murder being charged with theft,  And yeah my bad it was HsMk , Sorry my apologies, But like i said i didn’t see anyone call him out at that time, Yes this point is about me so judge me then , i was just making my point about me being charged as rude but other who made worst post were not that’s all , and after all i was called rude by your group anyways so i don’t expect any sympathy coming from you.


But thanks for your input anyways.

" just to be clear never have i once insulted or showed aggression to any members that did not do the same to me."


Yes you did insulted me and calling me a “moron and smart ass” in one of the post that you started called “Beware”

Why such an insult where i didn’t show any aggression at all?

I just keep my silence because there is no point arguing with you.



Here is what you told me


" So whats your point?

This is a strategy game and 

There’s no rules in this games saying hey bud u can’t open ur base…blah blah blah…

Lowering trophy " .


Maybe it doesn’t apply to you but The level of your sarcasm in that post is insulting as if you were trying to call me dumb, like i didn’t already know this game was a strategy game . You could have replied my topic in a better manner then that without bashing me…

This post is not about a lot of other people, this is about you.

Also the people who should have called out to hsmk would have been your friends, not some strangers meaning us. And there is not even a tiny bit of sarcasm in avery’s post. Also you are being judged( only as what you post and not as a person) because you applied for membership, so we had to determine what type of person you are.




hahaha… :slight_smile:


Even though you say that there was no sarcasm in Avery’s as you said this post is about me, and like i said i read it as sarcasm, HsMk made a joke about me and Killemog so i made a joke back at him and he read it in way that he got offended even though it wasn’t meant to offend him in any way at all just like how i read Avery’s post and read it with sarcasm, They are just misunderstandings and misinterpretations, but i was quickly judged on my part for it.