I am enjoying the winter patterns of Pal and Beast.


Since we made a donation before, wolves, bears, rabbits and owls could be made into winter patterns but today it is fun to be able to change all the Pals and Beasts. Thank you.


カイザー塗り残し.PNG And I realized that Kaiser 's ears had leaves.?


nekobasu.PNG I want to make Kaiser this color as request. I will be waiting for that day.



But the winterfur will dissapear on the pals when you leave the game…they will stay on the castle animals…so…is it a bug or what?

Nothing is being said about the pals in an update?

Yes, There is no announcement about any color of winter this time.

I have a doubt guys, is the winter colors on pals temporary thing or it is forever?

btw it’s awesome!