I am hoping for a fun event not related to individual strength or play skill.


I think that I would like the cycle to be an event that people can enjoy easily regardless of top players or beginners.

It is good that everyone can relax. Like a game of dice. ?

Every child and adult will surely have more people to log in to make fun events.

Very light and easy to do regular work and chatting in parallel.



So…you’re looking for a game other than Royal Revolt 2? I mean, seriously, whatever happened to competition? Why is everyone so afraid of it? It’s not tiring, it’s fun. If there’s no competition then there is basically no point to it. And then having no individual skill or playing skill? I’m sorry aslan, what kind of event are you looking for?


The point of Royal Revolt 2 is be cut throat to get to the top. You are rewarded for being competetive, not participation trophies for all. If some people want to have a relaxing event…then just be relaxed and dont pay attention to the leaderboards, lets not take out the fun competition for everyone else.

I would appreciate it if you think like a new festival.

And you can collect trophies anytime in this game. I do not think that it is a competition. I often discard trophies with strategies.

Whether to play this game with a strategy to play or win in competition … There will be various people.


What I’m looking for is an interesting new element of the game

Of course I do not mind if I log in and do not shake the dice forever. In this event you should do just like the conquest energy.


If there is anything that can be easily done, it will last for you to play every day.