I am on vacation (again)

Seriously, do I ever work? :stuck_out_tongue: Questions over questions…

I am away starting tomorrow and will be back on the 24th of June (that’s like my pre-vacation for my real vacation…because) from the 1st of July until the 14th of July I am also away :smiley:.

If you have any urgent questions for moderation please contact @Archimedes.
The developers will check the forum for urgent issues as well. But because they have to concentrate on actually making the game :rr2villainscream:, answers might be delayed or if there is nothing super urgent ,unfortunately, it has to wait until I am back. :rr2ninja:. But really you are in good hands, no worries! Always watching :alien:

Thank you! :palm_tree:


Have a lot of rest and fun on your days off, we’ll be happy if you’re back. :rr2zombiedance::rr2viciousbucky:

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Hope you enjoy your vacation, Madlen :smiley:

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May the sun be with you Madlen :wink:

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i have not seen Madlen yesteday and today …:face_with_raised_eyebrow:
did any1 know something … if she will be back this week :question:

She is still offline in the forum.

Maybe her next post will be on the 15th of July.

I think so too … I hope we will be informed about version 5.1 anyway.

Hi guys,
The morning I wanted to go back to work I managed to pull a muscle when watering the balcony plants that left me unable to move at all :rr2villainscream: :rofl:.
I am back now for 2 days and will try to catch up as best as I can and my keyboard typing abilities let me!
How are things? In Europe, there was a mega heat wave :hot_face:. Hope you guys are well.

oh then quick healing … on vacation you have to be fit after all :rr2goruc:

yesterday the weather was unbearable … I let my head hang like my plants … :droplet: please :rr2fritz:

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You should have your private Frosttower.

Oh I would love that!

Where I am, today, the maximum temperature is at 41°C.

:hot_face: OH MY that is too hot for me!