I am so tired...

Maybe You Will smile when You see This image but I think it Is a bug and I want it to stop…


Maybe it’s the king’s spirit moving to heaven. New graphics from FG in the latest update.  :lol: 

Sorry, BTW I know the bug must be irritating to you. Just seeing the lighter side of it.


LOL looks like Flare has just added a new feature: Healing scroll activated when the hero is dead :)))

You die before blessing.The scroll does not heal immediately to full hp, it fills up.If the damage you are taking is stronger, so it cancels the healing.Usually happen when you hesitate to scrolls while being damaged by fire/poison.

yes… You have to press 1 moment first this scroll, because they not refill max your life instantanely… If u press this scroll first ur hero not dead but if u wait the last second… The Hero go versus suicide

Didn’t blessing used to last until the next blessing could be cast?  Now it only lasts a few seconds.