I AM THE KING! - Alliance Lvl: 27 - No Main Language - Hero Level Req: 20

We are looking for motivated players who will donate daily and fight in the fiefdom wars. We don’t have much of a level requirement as long as you fill that gap with spirit! 

Our alliance rank is 2046 with a 13% gold increase and a Twisted Archimedes beast to fight on your defense.

There are a plethora of individuals in our alliance so we don’t have a set language. You can find Spanish, English, and Korean easily. We are very open so don’t worry about it and just join!

If you become inactive, become rude, or spend alliance money without permission, you will be kicked. Through hard work and loyalty you can find yourself with the position as general. During Wars, if your level is high enough or if you get attacked a lot, we will give you a shield or let you fight as a champion.

The alliance name is I AM THE KING!

If you find any difficulty joining please message KoreanBarbie in the game or leave a comment below.