I am trying very hard to understand...

Yes, I am trying very hard to understand how a level 34 king being attacked by a level 52 coward can lose 25 trophies.


Can any one explain this to me, because when I bludgeon a guy 10 levels below mine, I certainly don’t get that many trophies.






The trophy algorithm does seem to have gone haywire since last week, I agree

Yup, I just failed against a guy of my level, 34.

I died in front of his gate.


If I had won, I would have scored 5 Trophies; instead I lost 15.

OK, the game doesn’t want us to try to be bold, and rather to hit guys we are certain we will beat.

You don’t need to understand trophy algorithm , just live with it.


Two days ago I got 30 trophies from MasterE in one raid (hes around rank 30 at that time) , 21 from humdrumbug (rank around 80) , 28 from Mr_UAE (rank 16) also more than 15 on most SK bases but today MasterE offer only 3 trophies and hes 2nd in leaderboard.Also have never got more than 10 trophies from player of other alliance like VL , NATO and Burninator regardless of rank


Can you understand this ? I can’t

When I was being farmed, I removed barricades & blockades, then they get less reward & stopped farming me. In addition to that, i earned alot of gems for those reckless kings lol.

Fii, we will never know how medals and trophy calculated.

When people lose a lot on a base ie trophy gets dumped, an attacker will get huge trophy from matchmaker. So probably MasterE et al won lots of trophy through their defense, so you were seeing huge trophy. But then they lost trophy in their defence, the trophy came back to normal. You can check this algorithm by going to lower ranks, then set full base. Since almost everyone will lose and add trophy to you, any 100% raid on you will take 20+ trophy from you. I observed this phenomenon twice, first when I joined united, I was at lower rank, so people lost a lot on my base due to boosts, then at one point people who were 200 trophy above me took off 25 trophies in one raid. After some tine things became normal.

Second when jimbob kept adding trophies to his base and never gave away, the algorithm saw him as too strong, and then some people picked of 50+ trophies from him in one raid. You would have probably seen 50 trophy from jimbob since you are around that area.

Also congrats on hitting top10, you did hit top10 right?

Something to note on the seemingly random trophies won/lost. It appears you gain more trophies from using the new enemy feature in game if a player pops up there verse attacking him from your favorites list. I have seen this happen a few times where I accidently click new enemy on a guy I wanted to raid for like 30 trophies and then favorite him/look him up in the leader boards and the amount I can win is like 10.

I agree with your theory tho I also think it is not always like this , sometimes I get 50+ from breath of trogdor too.I didn’t get jimbob on match making sadly.Would’ve attack him for 50+ if I know about it.I did reach and stay in top 10 for around 24 hours , best rank is 6th place.It involves a lot of gems to scroll (2-5 scrolls per raid) and to buy food since I start off from rank 106 and went all the way up to number 10 gaining 600+ trophies in less than 24 hours.Not sure if I can return there in nearest time , base and king both weak sadly.


Also agree w Jason , from fav list the trophies decrease