I am

I donate 500K

FAIR WARNING: I may be poison due to recent forum posts

but it was the only place I had a voice

You should check out what they are saying  about you on Facebook.

UPDATE Billiam is still farming me

Makes me wonder what kind of temper tantrums he throws in real life

Biffy, If you want to sent your members after me. I will do the same.?

lvl 66 alliance attacking (farming)  a much lower on

Now days in some places they call that bulling

Where I come they call that a prick


Our level is 78 not level 66. This is a war game with raiding. If you’re uncomfortable with that I suggest you download Hello Kitty.?

I feel I should address what some call bouncing

Yeah I tried a few alliabces

What you weren’t made aware of is many were only interested in my donations

And even in billiams facebook posts

I stated over and over I was looking for a fun alliance

The others weren’t that (no matter how much they say they are)

I’m in a fun alliance now. I found a home with fun and silly people.

Took a few tries

But others shouldn’t advertise themselves as something they aren’t

And state they’re all about the donations…

As for the general thing. I was trying to be silly.

I shouldn’t be held accountable for a  others lack of humor.

I mean really who would take that serious…?

That wasn’t my Facebook posts. 

I know 3 of the teams that was a “wrong fit” are good teams. Knights who say NI is a good team too. You want to try to publicly shame them for kicking you. But you’re free to leave good teams that weren’t fun for you. Have you ever thought you might not be a fun enough member for Knights who say Ni?

 wrong fit for you may not be the same as a wrong fit for me.

I was is TKWSN

I was a general even though I didn’t really want to be

I saw their inner workings

and observed their elite

And by elite I don’t mean best players

There were a lot of good people and players there

And then there were some who weren’t

The some who weren’t  enjoy exercising power

Unfortunately I teased one of them.

Usually in TKWSN get two warnings before they’re booted

Many times its much more

Mine was instantaneous.

No reason given, no explanation, no discourse.

It was made so I couldn’t friend / communicated with the other alliance members so they couldn’t tell me what happened.

One person exercised power, some went along and others were afraid to say or do anything because they were concerned (with good reason) that it could happen to them.

**That wasn’t my Facebook posts. **

when you copy / pasted them to use as evidence, you made them yours.