I have a problem. I do whatever it takes to curse the object but instead of curse it, the game starts it’s forging, even if I click on the right switch (the curse one on the right)

I have already spent 10.000.000 gold unnecessarily and it provides me again to curse. I attach some photo to better explain the problem


can you resolve me the problem? And, if possible, refound me?




It needs to be SILVER or GOLD  5* titan item not 5* BRONZE.  

I forged my unique item in preparation to refine, which is unnecessary. All uniques are ready to refine.

sorry my bad,  yeah curse is messed up, some else mentioned this issue a few hours previously

No, she wants to curse the objects! Not to forge or to refine. It’s a bug

check if the item you want to curse is not equipped in one of the 3 differents set ups for the hero …

Pretty sure it’s a bug. Check the very first screenshot. You can clearly see the MALEDICI (Curse in Italian) button.

aha , u tap maledici , but it is just a forge…


Damn… I cursed my unique yesterday(or maybe a day before that), I’m glad it’s cursed 

@CaptainMorgan an Help for my friend? 

@NymNymeria we are trying to find out what is happening to you, but we do not see this behaviour, even with your account on our test server.

If anyone else has this issue, any information is helpful.

Thank you @CaptainMorgan. I stil can’t curse ???

Yes, it happens really this way ?

News about my problem? I stil can’t curse ??

@CaptainMorgan please, can You help  me?