I cannot resurrect my hero in a self defence testing

Only the “Retreat” button is working

if you push the // purple // button… you can ressurect your hero… AND MOST IMPORTANT… ressurection costs ZERO AMBROSIA… :smile:

… or if you reverse the screen on the other side… where maybe… your phone screen is not damaged and feels the touches… hmm or… just try this

i have a crazy idea… your gatekeeper does not allow you to ressurect… you have been a cruel leader :smile:


That is crazy and funny as well

Did you also noticed the resurrection counter? It is the first time I see that. I have a strange feeling. I hope Flaregames comes back from vacation

the only one i know is active in this forum is captain morgue and he comes from a week to another to hide my posts with no intriguing question for how much i.diot feels himself working on this… so i dunno if they are really in vacation but all i can tell the game is past its age of creation 20 years… and this in IT is like 200 years on Earth… you know what i mean

but the good news are this forum has had a total number of over 50 thousands members… out of whom only morgue survived and a hand of goats like him… if you need to ressurect… better play a true fight with an enemy island and send morgue some gems :smile: so he can do his jawb next week… (but carrful, he thinks he owns this place snd if what you say is incoherent up to his mind then he hides your posts)

That’s a strange number there… Because I believe in self tests, the number is infinite? But it doesn’t say Resurrection times.

Are you on Android?

iOS tablet update to version 12

Can you try to attack an alliance base other than yours, and see if its the same.

Is it the case all the time, or just some times?

That number is because it tries to calculate how many ressurects you can do considering how many gems you have and how many gems it costs … just here it costs 0 so … the number is stored in a 32bit unsigned integer, which max value is 4.294.967.295 - and it means “mistake, you are dividing some number by zero!”


Somehow I missed the most interesting discussions in the last few weeks :joy:.

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Now it is working again. I am able to resurect my hero while doing self defence test. Great! Thank you all!
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