I can't find where to start conquest

Hi everyone. i just return to this game after quite a long time stopped playing and noticed there is a new mode called conquest after i joined the alliance because everyone talking about it, the alliance member asked me to participate but i cant find any button to open conquest map. I looked up in youtube video and try upgrade e building in stronghold , quick sent all resources , rolling to top, bottom of the screen , clicking every bulding but nothing happen .Not sure if a bug or i still missing something, so i post here, hoping for advice .
I also read the FAQ and seem like there is doesn’t any thing similar to my problem  , please help . ?


I also want my gems using to  quick sent back please ?

You cannot participate if you joined late. No conquest for you unfortunately. Till next one :slight_smile:

ah , thanks you

Hi Mag,

Thanks for helping soilwk out. Since the issue is answered, I will close this topic now.

Have a good Monday guys! :slight_smile: