i cant play

I can’t attack last ship. I got 3 stars in all battles before this. Is this a bug? Please give advice if you have any.

Did you already reached 30/30 battles ?

Yes, 30/30 and I’m at last ship.


This means that you run out of battles, you probably attacked an island twice so now you can’t attack the last one.

You have max 30 battles to do 30 islands so the mission is to do all islands without errors.

This is the trick from flares,lol


Yup, you have 30 attacks possible for 30 bases. If you attack a base more than once you are losing a chance to attack last bases.

What about only touching attack button and crash… get 30 crash and you cant enter any base… holy shit…

I only attacked each 1 time. Got 3 stars in all battles. Last one is dreadnought. Has anyone attacked this ship?

I had a minute or more on every island. It was very easy.

Others in my alliance are having the same problem.



So it’s either a bug or I don’t know.  You are supposed to see 29/30 if you have last ship left. Or you attack one base twice but if you claim you didn’t then I guess wat for Alysea to check it.

Yes, I spent close to 1k gems to rush to last ship. They were all pretty easy in my leaderboard. I should have known not to do it the 1st time with all the bugs this has caused. Still at the top but I’m sure I will get pasted if I can’t do the last round. :frowning:

Alysea cannot check it, unfortunately…

Only the CS team can check this data :confused:

I turned in a ticket, but unfortunately the CS team has not given much help in the past :frowning:

My game crashed on one level as soon as I started the fight… and now I have the same problem … can’t fight the last ship… this is so stupid since everybody will collect more coins just because the game didn’t crash on them -.-’

wtf is this system…

you lost one game, did you  game crash once after you start to attack?

Is there an issue in connectivity today???why can’t i connect to the game?? Even though there is no problem with my wifi.

its flare again…i got in finally…nut cant donate troops or chat w/o disconnection


I can get on, but can’t do anything.

buy you can play? i cant connect yet :confused: :wacko:

Can’t do anything. Collected some food when it started, but silos full now.

Cannot connect.   Brilliant