I cant see tapjoy offerwall

After updating RR2 into new version, the free gem button has been changed from tapjoy to ironsource.

Now i cant find my tapjoy offerwall (i was doing three missions). I have spent time and little money to get the free gems and its gone. .

What should i do???

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we see no tapjoy any more …:roll_eyes:

Is tapjoy now not in the game anymore?
What about the running offers we play atm?

can please say someting to the community :slight_smile:

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Indeed, no tapjoy anymore…just when I was on a multiple games to get gems…

Please, shed some light on this.

Yes, we had to change the provider on Android from Tapjoy to Ironsource on Android. This is correct. So there should be an Ironsource Offer wall.

Please contact our customer service if you spent money for those free gems on Tapjoy.
(in English)

We are sorry this has caused frustration. We apologize for the inconvenience.

What about the running offers we play atm on tapjoy?
will the diamonds sold out when we finished the requirements?

They are unfortunately lost. :disappointed_relieved:

You could have warned us before the switch…

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thanks for the answer, yes that change hits many players …:sweat:

i play a game for over a week, now i can stop that.:worried:

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