I cant trade my account!

Hey guys!


I’m trying to put my account ’ ’ overpowerPT ’ ’ on my mobile phone again but I can’t , a message appears that says something like ’ ’ hit the account exchanges maximum ’ ',what can I do ?

My original account is ’ ’ OverPowerPT ’ and its saved on my Facebook but i whant to transfer it to my phone!

What i can do??? Please help me the war season is almost starting and i can’t play in the computer!

Thanks for the atention :slight_smile:

Your only allowed to transfer your account twice in 28 days 

Hey,there is nothing the FlareGames team can do to help me then?

Yeah, you can contact the support team here. They’ll help you to transfer your account to the device you want. Take in consideration that you should also bring some more info about your account in the ticket, just for them to be sure that you’re in fact the account’s owner (level, gems, pearls…)

Don’t share that info here, just on your message to support.

Thanks for the help karman! :wink:

I clicked in ‘‘here’’ but im not shure im in the right place to contact the forum team :confused:   here? https://flaregames.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

Yes, you’re in the correct place. Your doubt was answered and we can keep talking via private messages, so I’ll close this topic. Cheers :slight_smile: