I complete all Quests :)

I just completed the last quest
Has someone already done this before me? :)))

It’s likely that the top players have finished this quest already, but Congrats nonetheless!!! It’s an amazing achievement!

Congratulations, @mss73!

You made 100%, well done. You can uninstall the game now. :grinning: :stuck_out_tongue:

I think and im sure MSS is first and alone who did ? 


congratz @mss73

I have stun forged 70 times, and never once used it =)

Stun is really good, I have a 10s stun and it really helps me in tough battles. I use Firestorm, SB, and Stun

Topic is not about stun itself :slight_smile:

Stun was just the longest. New level/cooldown of Stun helped a bit - Cooldown 12.95s (remember 20s initially!)

now forged 92+

7+ months for that all,  after having decided to do so (used the Stunning with priority from the first day)


As one of the most experienced Stun users… is it a decent spell? Would you recommend it?

No. I already removed it :slight_smile:


But up to 4200-4400 Trophies, you can use it very well (depending on other spells&units)

We should have a weekly quest on defeating flothaboss developer’s account. Flothaboss can set a base that has full boosts with every tower/ obstacle/ unit forged 150 times, and the base changes every week. He can be like a “secret boss” quest. Quest requirement can be made so that it must be completed without scroll or resurrection.



Hmm what? I use stun on 4.8k+ bases in only gold & xp gear it works very well. Just need to time it perfectly.

With 7.32 range its sexy 

Ok. I has not a goal to raise trophies and play hard. Goal was another :slight_smile:

just said that at 4200-4400 you can feel comfornable with stun

I think we Need a private server :slight_smile:


In my trophy range that I was in (2800-3000) It was unstoppable, but I don’t know how it is in higher trophy ranges

Why there no new quests? last I rememer 1000 insta

Where are quests for new and old units/spells (ogre-wolf-garg)?

Maybe add +1 level for all existing quests too?

50000 units -> 100000 units (or 75000)


Where is my prize for completing all quests?

spent 7+ months for Stun… and 20 gems? TWENTY GEMS!!!

And that was before stun was buffed :wink:

yes, 20 seconds * 50000 = 1 million seconds!

Quest: Get first place :heavy_check_mark: