I couldnt make a poll( it didn't let me) so making this topic..

Reply who has experience with both pals and give ur reason for it. It a headache for my members to choose… we argued and argued still no conclusion ?


Who is better? 

  1. Aska 

  2. Nidogg

I don’t have either, but I’d say that Aska was better, from the videos I’ve seen and the players I’ve seen attack with them. Aska is a better version of Nidhogg because you control what your troops are gonna be and can seriously help you out in a rush to the gate situation. The one downside about Aska, is that he has a 15-16 second cooldown on his special power. That’s 1.5x that of any other pal

Aska has 10 sec cooldown on mine !

Its cooldown drops almost 0.5 seconds for every level on Aska.

Go for Aska. It’s not even close.


Nidhogg will work ok against some defenses, but in most cases it’s not a good offensive pal. Strong players have lots of boosted Necromancers in defense (maybe even 1-2 Necromancers in almost every wave) so Nidhogg ends up copying mostly Necromancers, which is a very poor troop in offense.


Aska is an elite pal. It was aaaalmost as good as pre-nerf Ceres (some people actually liked it more than Ceres).

Every 10-11s, Aska will summon your 3 troops (from left to right) until he can no longer summon anymore troops. You know what he will summon everytime and you can plan for it. Another big plus is that you’ll never be left alone as long as you got Aska, since it’ll keep summoning troops every 10-11s.


If you are asking which one is better as a beast in defense, I don’t know, but they’ve been too rare (so far) to realistically consider either one of them as a viable option as beasts.

Wow, that’s great. So at level 8 you basically have him down to about 10 seconds. That sounds about right, thanks for the info Stay0Puft!

Just compare their abilities, what would be more useful to you: a pal with Black Magic spell ability or a pal with Summoning scroll ability?
Black Magic won’t work if there’s no enemy near you, and when it works it will give you good defensive units that won’t help much when you are attacking a base.
Summoning will work all the time and always give you the units you chose for that attack. So, the better your units choice, the better Aska works.

But hey, can we please stop talking so many good things about Aska now? ??? I think it has been enough already.

By the amount of comments describing how good it is, I can already see someone staring at the poor gray fox with ideas for nerfs ?
… when what we actually need is a buff to other pals to make them viable too.

I had both the pals and I bough Nidhogg at the time when it was introduced and believe me Aska is way more better than Nidhogg.


Before Aska it was a good pal but now Irmgard and Aska are the best Pals out there…

Aska is way better than Nidhogg so my vote is for Aska…

NIdhog ???