I didn't receive My Gems in the End season !!!

please guys anyone tell me why this happened to me? 

I Fight so hard in the war it’s Not Fair

my name in the game is :

Kareem Medhat1



Also one of my alliance didnt recieve any gems or war prize his iin game name is i.k.ashuara RS alliance 


This happened to me one time in RR2 with not receiving my chests after war attacks. Just contact support and they’ll help you out: https://flaregames.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

You must stay at least 7 days in an alliance to obtain the gems.

i stay more than 7 days !

هههه ولك يا كيمو حكتلك السبب لأنك دخلت التحالف متأخر لازم تكون من أول الدوري في نفس التحالف ما تنتقل لأي تحالف آخر خلال الدوري، 
فش إلك جواهر مفيش معك متظاهرين لحالك يا غلبان ههه :wink:  

I have told you Ya Kimo the reason, Because you have enter the last war to a new alliance YOU MUST be in the same Alliance during the season don’t move to any new alliance before the season end.


They should REALLY announce that. Why is there no documentation for stuff like this?

i don’t know why !!


I don’t how blessings and gems wrre given to teams.I thought only top three teams of thier leagues will get blessings.

But now I. Seeing opponents from bottom levels that have same war blessings as the top teams.

For example met a guy from seal team that has all war blessings of leagues of titans even though.Only top teams were suppose to receive them.

@CaptainMorgan could you please explain why bottom teams have same rewards as top teams from this war season?

I am asking this question to everyone but they don’t hsve any clue about it.

Even I am confused with this

Every team in a league gets all the war blessings for that league at the end of the season. So in League of Titans, every team wins all of the original 6 blessings for the duration of the next war season. Every team in league of Gods gets 5 war blessings (no Chaos Gate).

The top 3 teams in league of titans ONLY get the new war blessings. 1st place gets all 3, 2nds gets two, 3rd gets one.

**It’s clear just have a look to the picture i have attached.

all alliances in leagues of titans who’s manage to be in safe ( not red line ) will get blessing for the first box in the picture,
But who’s mange to be the top 3 will get the second box as in picture i have attached to you. **

Thanks @Samir for this explaination.

But this is strange some teams from league of gods are getting chaos gate blessing too.

Which is in league of titans.


Please check the above screenshot dumpster there is something wrong here.

prob because texas blood forged are in green in 2nd div so get promoted to titan league.

I don’t know about that @Philstar but it would be nice if developers would have mentioned about new war system in detail like how rewards would be given to teams etc,etc,etc.

It is all a mess but nevermind my friends and teammates still think this is a big bug and probably a year later @CaptainMorganwill say it is a bug and we need to revert back to old war format.

Remember this is what Happened with the forge system and Defender nerf or should I say defender upgrade version 4.0.3 ???(thanks to it most of the overpowered defenders have become even more stronger than before inculding mine too)

Well there are some nasty bugs in the game which I am not mentioning right now.Since developers would listen to any of my feedbacks :slightly_frowning_face:

pretty sure the prizes shown for each league are what you get IF you survive the war season. For those that get promoted they receive the standard prize of the league above, hence Texas B. Forged getting the other blessings, and they prob got the extra gems also.  Finish in red (demotion) you’ll get the standard prize of the league below.

Remember the season is over, so you see them in a specific league but really the promotions/relegations have technically happened, just they show the scoreboard as complete for that season.

That’s a good explanation but still I do not like this new reward system as it has some loopholes.

Anyhow some of my teamates now know the way to exploit this system and I am sure some other teams have figured that out too XD.

I am just waiting for the post by the developers where they will realize it and that will be too late.

It is as Philstar said, Morgan wrote it some weeks ago.

Hi all,

I will get around to answering other questions here once I have time; just to address the question of the OP:

  • If you leave an alliance in the last week of the season, you get the following message which you need to confirm in order to leave: “If you leave now you will become ineligible for this War Season’s rewards. Do you really want to leave your Alliance?”
  • If you join a new Alliance during this time, you get a message on the Season overview which tells you that you won’t get personal rewards because you joined too late.

We will not be allowing players who join in the last War of a Season to win full Season Rewards for the Alliance they have joined. This is mainly to prevent players feeling the need to switch Alliances at the end of a Season once they see how it is likely to turn out, or to only join Alliances for the last War of a Season in order to gain Season Rewards. You will receive the War Spoils as normal.