I do not like say dirty word ,but any Gm can tell me,is it normally?

I lost 700+trophy in just only 3 hours,it is not funny for any ppl,any GM can tell me ,do u really think it is normal?


And lost 100 more trophies when the moment I just posted here…

Well you are in the top 10, you have a defense with almost no blessings and the layout is kinda weak… So yes it is normal.

@Oldnova I remember you attacked me months ago in my log. Now you’re part of the Top 10. Congrats! You’re fast.

Welcome to the highest level of competition.

Here’s the explanation:


Well , well , well … 

First Please accept my condolences ??Lol

Being in top 10 is not easy , idk how you guys do that congrats ? on that , I’m on 160th place with 13k trophies ? and I lose somewhere between 100-150 ? in 24 hours. You are in top 10 and lost 700+, yes it’s crazy , happened to me at the time when it was really hard to reach 8000 ?. 

Damn man , holly crap 700+ ??? can’t even imagine ??? I’m serious bro. 

Here is my suggestion. So here is what I did back in the days lol maybe it would help you too. 

1st - I reached #1 in world rank. 

2nd - Took a pic of it. 

3rd - Did a portrait from it. 

4th -   Hang on my wall.

And finelly last but not least 5th “ I SMOKED A WEED and relaxed with 0 fffffff’s giving to the ??? 

and after that , every time game  pieces me off for any reason. Guess what I do… 

yes yes yes I  repeat 5th suggestions ???


I know what u guys mean, and I am not the first day in top10,actually,for a really longtime.and before yestday,I lost 200–300 trop average per day,and suddenly,yestday night ,I lose 1000 trophy ,ponits is just in 3 hours.so,I feel it is crazy

Btw,sorry for my poor English.

Your English is completely fine, no problem with that. :grinning:
Just ran through your def and had over 55s remaining in full AP. Many towers could be placed more efficiently and lack of blessings definitely doesn’t help.

Your defender is good though.

@Onelove007 You forgot the most important part buddy… And he probably doesn’t need blue pills!

@ataide,thx u test my formation,basically,I give up build a nice formation,for my ideal,any defense is useless…since my hero can clean any1 with close eyes mode and realy fast easy,others also can do it to me.so,I give up defense.Talking about blessing,my alliance is a small (#200+range) one,we no money open any blessing…

That is crazy and annoying. Same problem for every lvl good players. There are hidden caps at game. OR does not allow further the trophy increase. I am lvl 120 and can not pass 11.5 k points while my team member (old player) same lvl but had 13.5 k never decrease that lvl. By the way i get protection at 11.3k. Some players stuck at 9k, some stucked at 6.5k. I believe old players do not encounter such a problem. They got pts without a barrier (i know i asked gammal). So trophy system has problems at all. 

*Another thing is when statue not destroyed (%95) loosing 2 pts, but - 25; why not 2/3 of it, 17 pts for example… 

*Everybody complain about very high lvl players, having all strong blessings but ridicolusly low trophy pts and loosing - 25 to them. Or getting only +3 from them. My map has lots of that kind of players… Trophy gain/loose not only based trophy number but also lvl and blessing count, at least they can give more xp for hero lvl up. 

*Trophies must offer better things. I do not want to mean for top players. A lvl 50 pöayer having 3k,90 player having 7k or a lvl 100 player having 9k (shows they are very good players regardless of their lvls) must take some personal boosts, again at least some xp bonuses or workers speed increase for catching up tier players… 

Pheme is good. 

And I don’t think the trophy cap is something that was a design goal or purposefully designed in. You said it yourself, different players of the same level have caps they can’t get over. I think the reality is that players get paired with other players of roughly their same level, which increases as you level up. If you continue to gain trophies without leveling up, you find yourself in a situation where you have more trophies than the average player of your level and are worth more to attack. Depending on how strong your defense is, if you continue to gain trophies without leveling up you will hit a point where you’re an extremely attractive target and will start to get attacked a lot for -25. When you level up, you get moved into another bracket with a higher average trophies per level and you get relief. 

It should be different, totally different. Just leave +/- 3 trophies per fight (winning or losing) and it will be fine. It’s not fair while you play that hard, making 100-200 trophies each day by winning only vs those +3 and 4 attacks of -25 ruin it all.

I.e. If I’m on the trophy edge for my level, why shall I be targeted? I’m the best for my level just coz I spend time in the game, while someone comes and plays 30 mins and makes those 100 trophies by attacking just 4 players. Also other outside factors such as internet connection/power  issues, you end up losing lots of trophies rather than just 3, make it +/-3. 

Also came across your defense and it is very weak. I had a little over 2 minutes left at the gate - which probably means you gain very little, if no trophies at all from defense.

Your defender though seems to have 100% resistance against anything I threw at him - I hacked away at him for the majority of the 2 minutes and never even made a dent in him. I doubt he was below 95% HP at any point in time. I’ve seen my share of very strong defenders … but this was something else. lol

Just put a token effort into your defense, and you’ll probably fare a lot better.

each one plays in his own way and wins and loses cups I’m one that I spend a lot of time in this game that you have this cups you have got that I’ve learned