I do not see color in the game

I will continue, but I will continue without motivation because I do not play with the same motivation as before, that is … I do not care. FEBE does bad to the game and for more than they have created very good defenses to defeat it like GASPAR, G-5000, BURRITO, etc … it does not mean an arrangement to the problem. What good is a tower of igneous arrows, super powered? all a job enhancing not only one tower, but enough, saving pearls that cost to save, plus the blacksmith who is wrong … and the FEBE arrives and only at the low level, destroys all the nearby towers. The defense that we have taken so long to strengthen, losing many hours of play, have been null, it is useless. Nobody wants the rest of Beasts but it is FEBE, what has the creator server made so many beasts? I believe that the FEBE should be for EVERYONE or for ANYONE. At this point, they should eliminate the rest of the beasts that are useless. A new player enters and entering an alliance with FEBE, he can attack me while I am at level 130 and he destroys everything without any merit. When there was no FEBE, who was a level, was a level with its own merits, now it is not like that. Players go up quickly without any merit, without any work, without any effort. FEBE MUST BE ELIMINATED, even though we have learned to shoot down FEBE, the problem is still so when they attack us they also knock us down. The effort we have made in leveling up has not helped. It is said that if FEBE is eliminated, everyone complains because they all fought hard to get it, but all those who contributed with FEBE, know too well, that ESE FEBE was not fair and that they played with advantage, so if they lost it, it would not be unfair, if not fair. If FEBE is removed, everyone will return to their true level, which is how it should be. The game for me, has lost the magic and the charm that it had. IT IS NOT A CLEAN GAME.

The thing is that you get celestial phebe way too easy compared to regular beasts.

and your alliance only need 25 of them while for other it’s a least 50. But it’s already too late.

I think what they should do (and it would encourage people to participate to get stronger) is when someone joins an alliance, they have to EARN their beast.  I don’t think it’s right that players who just start in the game can join an established alliance that worked hard to get their beasts and who went without until they finally got enough donated to open one up.  Regardless of how big an alliance is or what level they are, whenever a player joins, they should have to donate x amount of pals until they too have earned the right to use one.  It would also discourage jumpers and encourage team loyalty. 

Totally agree with you friend. At least they who enter new to an alliance that already has FEBE, should at least donate 10 FEBES to be able to enjoy the FEBE of the alliance. That would be fine. Thanks friend.

I like this idea, but I think a better one would be that you have to have found or bought that pal (from chest or Pro Shop) to unlock the beast form!

Well, technically you can’t donate a pal (beast) to the alliance unless you already have it unlocked anyway…


No no, that’s just to donate. My point is that you can’t activate the beast as your own unless you have the pal version of it

Are you not going to take into account the suggestion we make? I mean … I attack with Phoebe and for the defense with Phoebe and I’m in my alliance at 7/25, just like I’m just giving phoebe, only I could use the beast. Is this change feasible? Although the phoebe beast is released, the game detects who gave and only use Phoebe, only those who gave. Only the use of Phoebe, for those who did 25/25, could it be? Could you study this suggestion? We agree, in that it is not fair that one benefits from the liberated beast, without having given even 1 phoebe to the alliance. THANK YOU.

No it’s not.


You already opened a topic in the idea section and Madlen has already placed it in the non-feasible section, thus, giving you the answer already.


It was strange that you were some time without answering me. Until recently, your always with negatives towards me, do you have something against me? Whenever I expose something, you are always looking for problems in what I say. Have I asked you?


You asked a question and I’m just telling you Flare already answered you, by giving you the link. Up to you whether you want to accept it or not.


Since you are posting the question in the forum that is used by many other players, it’s also my right to post the link to tell other forum users that the same exact question you have asked somewhere else have already been answered by Flare.

You know too well that this comment goes to the developers and not to you. The same as you answered, you should answer the developer, but not you. Although this is a forum and people have the right to give their opinion, this comment, as you well know, is aimed at the developers and not at you. You should be more respectful and educated with the people you exhibit.

Giving you and any other forum users who read your post, a link that displays the developer’s answer already, is disrespectful to you? Hmm ok will just agree to disagree here. Have a nice day.