I Do Not Understand Alliance Wars?

Being new to RR2 I am experiencing everything for the first time.

I enjoyed doing the Ninja Apocalypse. I have done tournaments Bronze to Diamond,

I did my first PRO League the Chrono Cup; however I do not understand Alliance Wars at all.

My Alliance (who have all done these events before) have hundreds & thousands of skulls,

I do not even have one. If I try to fight a player who is higher level, I loose. If I fight a player my level

and only achieve 2 crowns (raid) I do not get anything. If I fight a player who is a lower level; nothing.

Anyhow this will be my first and last Alliance War. I still have many event festivals to come and my first Conquest.

I am sure I am not doing anything right, I just sort of hoped I would win at least one skull; and not a big old goose egg. :slight_smile:



@SinisterEggplant You can read the details about alliance war from this link http://royal-revolt-2.wikia.com/wiki/Alliance_Wars

ty but i have watched the tutorial three times, i just a few moments ago won a battle; all 3 crowns, no skull rewards.

meanwhile my Alliance members all have thousands of them, so my Alliance Wars careers is over.

I do appreciate the assistance, and your post. :slight_smile:


Are you sure you are attacking the player from within the war screen (which is red background) and not directly (which is blue background)?

Open war map, select the land with the battle, click the double sword icon on top, select a player from the list by pressing the icon on the right next to its name & finally the attack button.

Perhaps you attack them from the outside war (normal attack). You should attack them from war system, that way you will get your skulls. Can you post your screenshot before battle here?


Here’s the my screenshot before battle for war:



If you look at my screenshot, I’ll get 665 skulls when I beat him 100%. If the screenshot right before you began the battle wasn’t like that then you haven’t follow the instruction from the video that I post.

here are my screen shots:

STEP ONE: click on the crossed sword banner top of the screen

STEP TWO: takes me to the tiles where the Alliances are. I choose the tile the arrow from my fiefdom is going to

STEP 3 & 4: shows where I am with ZERO SKULLS, yet my Alliance mates all have thousands of skulls

STEP FIVE: click on go to war crossed swords and come to the opposing Alliances players list

STEP SIX: choose an opponent (and then just like any other castle battle) run their path/obstacles/units/towers

and even if I get a 3 Crown win, and do the find the prizes in the skulls with top hats chests by the end I get some XP, some medals, a few trophies

BUT NO Skulls which buy things in this event.

New to the game I am; however I have done the Ninja event, the days of Summer event, the Chrono Cup PRO League, the various Bronze-Diamond Leagues

I have battled and always won some event to get me some rewards; and yet in this Alliance War not a single event token for the entire day.

So whether I am not doing it right, or whether their is a glitch, it does not matter. My Alliance War career is over. :slight_smile:


@SinisterEggplant You already follow right step when I look at all your screenshot. However, by look at your step 3 it seems you haven’t do any attack that given to you ( still showing “0/6” ). Some of your members already spend all their attack chance by look at your step 4 ( showing “6/6” ). You have to press/click Attack button when you face step 6.

By the way, do you have internet connection problem when attacking them?

you are facing a serious glitch. contact support ASAP.

Day 2 Alliance Wars.

Ty RR2 players you are all being very helpful

I will try again for a limited time to try and get at least “1” skull

here are day 2 screen shots; if by doing them, in the correct order, 

I should get some skulls.

One last question, do you only attack a player once? or can you attack more than once?

does or would this affect your skull wining?

STEP ONE: click on the crossed sword banner with the time duration of the event

STEP TWO:  click on the fiefdom which my Alliances arrow is pointing to

STEP THREE: find the list of Alliance members from the other Alliance

STEP FOUR:  once an opponent is chosen; click on the attack button in bottom right corner

STEP FIVE: do you need a 3 crown win for skulls? or will a 2 crown RAID (so long as his castle gate gets busted open)?

anyhow please RR2 players help me out with this post, because with a few days left I would be happy to get “1” skull

LOL, I really would. :wink:


@SinisterEggplantEven if you lose you get skulls.

1 crowns, 2 crowns, 3 crowns anything. As long as you get 1% you will get skulls.

When did you join you alliance? When the war already started or before it started?

I joined several days before the Alliance Wars


sorry Malden, finally receiving skulls during an Alliance War, merited some bold text.

yesterday was so disappointing getting none. :wink:


OK, I reached 6/6 Battles

Do you only get 6 battles per day?

So tomorrow, Day 3 I can go crack some more skulls.

I am sooooo glad that this is finally working; sure I missed a day

but I must have been doing something wrong. :wink:


You can have 6 battles per war. (It depends on the war season conditions. This war season it is 6 battles per war.) If you are an assigned champion for this war, you’ll get 10 extra battles. (Generals can assign champions as well as shields to players.) 

But your screen shot of the war map showed that your alliance has 3 wars running. You can have 6 battles at each of the 3 wars, so a total of 18 battles today. 

Can you please check when exactly you’ve joined the alliance? How many days and hours before the war season started? (The time should be found in the mailbox info message about your joining the alliance.) There is a cooldown period after you join an alliance before you can participate in wars. Normally you should get a message and should be blocked from attacking. But that doesn’t seem to work in the current version.


@SinisterEggplant Glad to hear you already solve your problem ?.

You can battle 6 times per tile (fiefdoms) in this war but those variety for each war season, sometimes you get 4 times, etc just look at the number chance you got ( “0/6” means you got 6 battle chances). The screenshot you post indicate you have 3 war in those round (based on total fiefdoms that pointed by arrow (green/red)) so you will get total 6 x 3 = 18 battle chances.

You will get skulls even when you only destroy one tower/obstacle but as you know you will get much more skulls when you beat them 100% (the total skulls you can get from a player is variety, for more detail visit this link:  http://royal-revolt-2.wikia.com/wiki/Alliance_Wars ).

You can attack max 3 times per player per fiefdoms. Remember to fight at least 3 different players per fiefdoms whatever the chance you got. It’s better to maximize the chance for better number of skulls you get (e.g You have 6 battle chances: choose 3 different players attack them 1 time each, then you choose 1 from those 3 players attack him again 2 times, then you choose 1 from the remaining 2 players then attack him 1 time). Here the example screenshot my war battle:



day 4 in Alliance Wars and I almost feel like a Veteran , lol, a n00b Veteran! 

anyhow a question, one of our Alliance members keeps buying chests for us with his skull winnings,

I want to know (A.) how to do this and (B) are there other things I should do with them?

I mean there are a few rewards such as PRO chests & tickets? do the skulls convert to gems?

do I keep a running total of them? If they are valuable for me then I will keep them otherwise I would like to share them with friends.

which makes © can you buy chests for players on your friends list but not in your Allianz?


*also my avatar; feeling a little horse this morning. lol, during my nephew’s hockey season I am the teams mascot, so I am still the purple alien under the mask :wink:  *


A. You have to buy gems package with real money. After the purchase, all of your alliance members will get a chests (dunno about yourself will get chest or not as I am a free player).

B. No, skulls aren’t converted to gems. You collect skulls to get war rewards (the more skulls you have the more rewards you will get). You can look at the rewards section to know chests reward you and your alliance member got. It will reset each season, so for the next war season your skulls begin from 0.


C. Direct is no but there’s a way. You can transfer your real money to them and they can use it to bought gems and using those gems to buy chest for them self. ?


well my first Alliance War has come to an end.

I need to rename this topic, “I Now Believe I Understand Alliance Wars.”

lol; stay tuned for my next topic.

I Do Not Understand Conquest :wink:  

*also I would like to thank the Alliance Das Seelengrab (means The Soul Grave) for accepting me into their Alliance.

as much as I liked having my own Alliance, with just me it was going nowhere; and I would not be experiencing aspects of RR2 which I now am.*

Das Seelengrab is a German Alliance, and with the time zone difference (I live in Canada) I am on at night while they are sleeping,

and they are awake and playing while I am sleeping. :slight_smile:  plus they speak German, and I speak English, so there are lots of emoji’s

while I am trying to learn enough Deutsche to chat with them. Again however TY Das Seelengrab for having me.*

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