I don t understand quiz functionnement

Since the beginning of the event , i answer to the questions : I answer wrong or i am not in the 5 firsts. So the last quiz I give right answers and i don t Win. What the problem ?

Maybe not lucky in the raffle…I too am in it.

Because in the rules of the quiz it was stated there will be only 5 random winners. You happen not to be one of them. Not everyone can win, simple.

I respect writen rules but maybe There are rules we dont understand. Quote the question ? Les in the order ?

Random persons ok thank You because I thought it Is 5 firsts (i am french so This forum Is like an English test to me ?)

Yes, indeed the winners are chosen randomly.

Your doubt was answered and I see no future discussion in this topic, so I’ll close this thread.

Cheers :slight_smile: