I don't need +3 workers package.

Can Jona tell his boss that people would like to buy more workers, but not 3 at once.

Please offer us +1 worker discount package more often.


it is bloodly 4000 gems to buy my 8th workers, and it adds up quickly afterward.



I am waiting 7days to upgade my blockades, so workers keep me motivated to continue in this games.

Thanks, I hope I see something to happen.

Nobody likes 3 at once but we should all try it sometime.  I need a worker packageX3 but not yet, in a couple of weeks :grinning:

The issue i had with packages was always bundeling up with some thing like finish all running upgrades or fill the treasure chamber etc which cost more the the 3 workers cost.

Believe me, you will need the 3 workers…

I agree, +3 workers isn’t always wanted, but I personally rarely receive such offers. I mainly get +1 worker offers or packages like “upgrade several spells” or “max out those unit types”.


Btw, I think the time for which package offers stay has increased from 6h to 24h. - THANKS , helps a lot! :wub:

I like +3 worker

I miss the gold shield package. I have enough workers and get always the worker package.

I have never been offered the +3 workers package . I always get others like +1worker, gold,3day shield or units upgrade package or spell package !

I need those +3 workers .

I got the offer, I take the offer and I’m happy about  :slight_smile:


I’m sorry but I don’t remember…I got the 3 workers offer a lot of time ago, maybe 7-9 weeks ago…

I get +3 and complete all tasks package for 5500gems, so expensive.


Was quite happy when i bought the +1 package for 2500 earlier