I feel a refund is in order.

Ok so here is my experience with this game. I have and still lose trophies even upon winning a battle. So not only do i not accrue the trophies i should have won I actually get another kick in the teethe and i lose the measly 6 trophies i win from each battle. Let me tell u that i have reached level almost 96 and my defense still appears to not be able to stop anyone despite multiple attempts at effective configuretions. No matter what i awake to most days 100- 200 trophies lost. I personally spent a lot of money to get there thinking it would help me save troohies. I hate to spread negativity for those enjoying the game but there is hinestly no point in upgrading your defense, in fact, it may be advantageous to NOT upgrade it so you are worth less trophies to attackers. Our alliance is lucky enough to have the top trophie player jttn. EVERY one of his buildings, barracades, towers spells and mosters are COMPLETELY maxed out and he awakes to around 250 trophies lost every day. So there you have it players the end game is attack every day all day or you lose. Btw i have messaged Flare several times about the trophy loss and have received no compensation. I estimate it to be an over 200 trophy swing at the moment and adding. I am moments away from walking away and I have $thoudands invested. 

At least you get 6 an attack, I wake up to same thing tons lost and I don’t even sleep that long… Then I have to get back what I lost 3 trophies at a time.   The trophy systems was never the main issue… of course now it is,  The main issue was higher level people had no advantages over lower levels. So instead of making it so higher levels were harder to beat and more powerful all they did was adjust trophy system , over and over and over .

And to clarify what I mean by harder to beat is the towers they get at higher levels are stronger, can add more then just 1 tower after a 4 day gate build. less time instead of more time when getting attacked…  I am sure there is a lot of things you can do to make higher level people harder to beat.   But changing trophy system over and over is not right.


Should someone be able to buy lvl 8 hall and become all powerful … NO but it should give them the chance to… once they upgrade everything and meet all other requirements.

BUT in short I feel your pain typhonprime, you losing trophies is due to someone that hardly plays or and prob does not spends money making 1 attack on you , his only attack of the day. Winning 30 trophies while you lose 100.    He just won what you worked over an hour on non stop trying to make in 2 mins…  IF this keeps up this game will be nothing but single player attacks , once a day, till all funds for game are drained out.