I had an idea...

So here’s the situation that a lot of us are facing right now: We win a season, lose a season, win a season, and lose a season. Every time we win, we’re bounced into a bracket that’s out of our league. And so you basically have to lose in order to stay down in a winnable league.

What if you were to create an alliance of exactly the same level? You could win a season in one, lose in the other. Stay in the one that one while the other sinks. Then, switch to the one that lost, so that you can win, while the other sinks. And back and forth, and back and forth, always riding on the alliance structure that could win the lower league.

Also, do you think that Flare was trying to prevent this? The way the War Seasons go right now, the next season cuts the last season’s boosts in half. So with this plan, even though you would win twice as often, you’d only get to enjoy the boosts for half the time each time. Did Flare plan for this?

problem with your idea is you wouldn’t get to use the elite boost rewards from the war


isn’t that really the whole purpose??

its also about dominance too

You’d still get to use them for the intermission. But yeah, they’d be cut in half :stuck_out_tongue: