I hate the Dungeon Updates! :/

I don’t like the changes in the dungeons. It is so hard and my gems are loosing just because of using many scrolls unlike before. Please revert the difficulties. It is so unfair for the low levels that the high level players finished those dungeons without that elite troops/towers. The holy paladins are annoying. I can’t move forward with those troops. So unfair. T^T

Level up more before attempting, I waited for 4 levels before attempting the last 4 dungeons.

edit: forget it, not worth the hustle.

me too. I think the werewolfs are 17k+ hp. Cant do enough dps to them. first time got 2 stars and then second attempt they took out my tent.


I will have to try again when I get the final level of my spells. also i think maxed up paladins or knights (+ boosted) and spam them to get more dps might help + frost damage given werewolfs are weak to it (i think?).


frosters don’t have much hp so might need to spend ages levelling up blizzard spell instead which would also be useful for the type of towers on that level. but that means I cant complete it for weeks.


at the trophy range im at now most players already have max mummy level or werewolf. makes it a bit unfair given how hard the boosts have made it but such is life.


They could have kept it the same pre update and then had a new challenge to re complete them all with boosted creatures for some bonus? that would be fairer!?

Interesting idea… but I don’t think it’s a good idea.


But to beat these dungeons, you want max shield or heal (I prefer shield as it is instant), max sonic blast, and max… max… I can’t remember what it is called… but it’s purple… Anyway, you probably want max archers with their elite boost, and max or second-to-max cannons with their elite boost, and then some other unit of your choice (maybe mummy, because he is good at taking out units?).

this is SOOOO discrimination. i mean top players who have all did the dungeons easy mode. now regular players getting punished cause they just cant beat those crap dungeons without usibg many scrolls. even then it is too hard sometimes. and idd misterE those units would help. but the elite boost system in non functioning since you depend on Alliance leader to activate them or you need pay real money , and you need be in high level guild to have cannon boost activated.

Look at it on the bright side: at least you don’t have to commit a worker for 6-7 days to mining single tunnels near the bottom, which is how it was just after 1.4.0.  “Easy mode”, as you call it, took a very (very) long time if you didn’t gem your way through the entire dungeon - and if you did, a couple months later it turns out you spent tens of thousands of gems for something that would only cost you a few hundred to push through today.  Today, the cost is far, far lower: maybe you have to spend a few (dozen?) scrolls working through.  I’d say you’re getting the much better end of the deal.     


The rebalancing isn’t exactly unfair.  Any game is going to place major rewards in hard to reach places that requires a lot of skill and/or patience.  Until the last dungeon (which was/is a nightmare that requires scrolls of any player), its initial version was too easy - far too easy for the gem/gold rewards in the deepest tier.  If you’re finding they are too hard - like a too difficult base in pvp mode - the game is sending you a message: “you’re not ready for this yet. Go level, gear up and come back later”.  There’s a leveling progression here in which better rewards, higher rank, etc. aren’t given away or some kind of entitlement, but earned.     

yes and no. prior the elite mobs down there I was able to reach 99% at the last werewolf dungeon. now same king level, troops, spells, gear… the nice doogies whoop my buttocks big time…

I prefered the long digging time and reasonable difficulty :confused:

Dungeons are much leagues - achieving difficult goals (e.g. finishing at #1, or even getting the league record) involve a cost to earn a reward. Sometimes winning a league requires buying food with gems; but there’s no use spending them if the number of gems required will exceed the reward sought.


Unless a player is far too weak, the cost of running a dungeon level will be much less than the benefit of completing it.  For example, if you stand to earn 500 gems and you can’t complete it without spending 50, a choice is presented: do I wait on those 500 gems until I am strong enough to earn them later? Or do I spend 50 now to help me through and net +450?  


Each player has to test and decide whether spending the resources will yield a net positive result for them.  It isn’t that the difficulty of these dungeons is unreasonable: but 1) that their difficulty scales, and 2) can’t necessarily be won without expense (just like a difficult base where you’re forced to scroll). All of this is why there are Monster levels at various degrees of difficulty - so that lower-level players are not discriminated against. If a dungeon proves too difficult or the player feels the cost demanded for completing it is too high, again; the game is sending them a message.  Whether they listen or choose overpower that message with gems (as some players do as they climb the leaderboard, raid bases, etc.) is up to them.  


The good news is that these choices are presented and can be made in far less time (freeing up a finite number of workers to take on other tasks involved in leveling your base) than in the past.       

But with max spells & units, I _still _can’t beat the last couple dungeons… and as I rarely have gems to spend on scrolling or reviving, I still haven’t beaten them yet… Maybe I just need to enter the base with the mindset of, “I _need _to scroll to win”, and therefore not wait till the last second to use the scrolls… and then end up not using them anyway 

Thanks for your advice! :slight_smile:



But, Sn1kt, you couldn’t have resurrected if you hadn’t died  

I’m level 71 and i not again able to do the ogre level 5 and something like that i lost many times and now that there’s the elite boost in dungeon, for me it’s very impossible, i need to wait more levels and more strong stuff  to do it, perhaps in 1 year i will able to do it.  :angry:

in reality it wud have been unfair for the poor dungeons monsters if they didn’t get the change. we were all “buffed” by the new elite boosts so in fairness they needed them too

I see your point, but that’s not exactly true.


Now, all dungeons are buffed for everyone.

Still, most alliances are too “weak” (not enough gold and/or not high enough level) for actually using those elite boosts. Hence, they (currently) are exactly that: A boost for the elite of players (or the elite of alliances), while most players don’t have access to (most of) them. Sure, that may change in the future, but currently that’s it. 


Hence, most players face buffed dungeons while being not (yet) buffed themselves, making those dungeons a lot harder for the majority of players.

But, over time, the alliances should be big enough. The time it should take is (IMHO) about the time it should take to be a high enough king to beat these dungeons.

you’ve said it yourself the high level dungeon monsters are SUPPOSED to be for “elite” players.i don’t see anyone in here complaining on a low level account they cant unlock ogre level 1. like sn1kt has been saying the initial dungeon was thought to be too easy for its benefits. as far as the fairness for people who alrdy completed it goes, its no different than any modern game that updates over time. think of even a major title like league of legends in patch 4.2.0 when warwick was able to instakill anyone with a simple smite + ult combo. EVERYONE was playing him and taking advantage of it, now its nerfed and im sure a large amount of players never got to enjoy warwicks time in the spotlight. all u can really do if you haven’t alrdy beaten the dungeon is suck it up and accept the new challenge. im sure its gonna feel just as good when u finally beat it :wink:

Here’s a novel idea: the dungeon is in “elite boost” mode if the player brings elite boost troops with them; if not, it’s normal.

Also: the idea mentioned of doing a “heroic” dungeon version (to borrow a concept commonly used in MMOs and traditional RPG -style games like Summoner’s War) with greater rewards (e.g. You earn elite boosted monster levels and can prolong the boost time if you do it quickly as you complete the different monster dungeons) and a capstone achievement/badge is great. Would give players a reason to return after completing.

Heroic Dungeon would be nice but I think jona made somewhen a statement that they want to Keep the Focus on PvP rather than PvE.