i hate the mortar war boost

I use monks cannons and mortars to fight    Ive only been playing a little under 3 months so I don’t have all the troops maxxed only those 3

and I depend on the mortars to fight with troops on the other lane but now they ignore them  and I’m losing trophies fast I don’t want this war buff I wish I could turn it off

Never heard of that combo. Flare is not going to turn off a war boosts. Maybe if you let us know what your troop levels are we can help.

I would use archers while they are boosted to see how you like them.

Join an alliance that won’t prolong the mortar boost then.

PS - Pyro, froster, arblaster works just as well in dealing with troops on other lane, not to mention they attack towers too. Blizzard & Swordrain work great as well.

I have lvl 2 arblaster      lvl 5 archers      think lvl 7 pyromancers      almost all my troops are very low lvl   except my main 3 which are max lvl   and I only have 3 kinda high lvl  spells none maxxed


I like the mortar monk cannon combo     blizzard sonic blast and fire      I don’t use many cannons I toss one in here or there      I mainly   get a few monks   and   hold them back    then use spells to kill the troops at the choke point     and pass it with some monks   then I order nothing but mortars  and they stop everything at the choke point   so its me and a pack of monks taking out towers   not having to fight any troops till I get to the other end of the choke point…some wolves   mummys or ogres can make it past but they will be really hurt and they aren’t a problem anyway

its prolly not the best combo   but it works for me and its all I have right now  I didn’t know what I was doing when I started on this path but by the time I had a clue I figured it was best to max out the troops I was already doing instead of start over on some other ones     I’m less then 3 months playing and at 3600 trophies in a small alliance that doesn’t use boosts unless were in a war  and that’s not using my best gear to get gold I use    food discount and gold bonus   only equip my strong gear for the dungeon or during war


so I think I’m progressing fast   but this is supposed to be a boost but its making it near impossible to fight vs elite cannons    I got nothing to make them stop  I can kill em with spells but more come  I cant sit there at the choke point all day

its not to big a deal   I guess just 2 days where I’m going to lose ALOT of trophies but its not even the trophies I’m going to need a lot of gold tomorrow and this makes it very sucky


I would replace your mortar with archers and see how you like it. 

I use mortal Monk and archer it Is not very efficient i prefer Monk arbalester pyromancer (This last troop can change in function of the enemy towers and troops) but mortal is not efficient with This boost and cannon (2 troops again Tower, no against troops)

Mortar is much better with the boost, im using it in offense for the first time since about 20months

In the past that was super easy at low level to use combinaison like Froster,Cannon and Mortar in attack or Archer,Cannon and Mortar with base full of Paladin. this combo was strong but that was before forging was there

Today I cannot say if there are strong enough to face forged and boosted base. A very long time I don’t try this combo

I did not find it useful in offense maybe because they were low lvl but they are superb in defense if your layout and placement is right.

If someone sees my attack history they will say defense is OP,  .


To be honest, with the mortar boost, I failed my defense for the first time. I really like the boost since it is the first time I will use it. I remember it was the first war boost along with the healing arrow tower but back then I was not there in the game.

I am surprised mortars without boosts are used in offense. I would use either pyro, arb or froster to take down units. @GameEnder Your pyros are of decent level. Max them and forge their range.


I try them in my wave and wow I stop right now 4 attacks totally fail. I gain like 100 trophies or more. This boost is awesome just wait and see if I stop other attack 

Lol, Flare created them to suit offense but they are deadlier in defense.

Me too ?



And I Say That one Player has a spécial ign and maybe he can be kicked.

i tried some of the others  and they didn’t fill the gap as well …  they try but not as good as mortars were      I’m sure its mainly cuz my mortars are max lvl + forge and the others are not even close   i am using them a bit more on defense then i was so it does have a upside just need time i guess for my other troops to catch up so when something like this comes along i have a replacement  


Purtrid prawler (boosted mortar) is indeed overpowered in defense, when you forged blunt damage quite some times. Just add at least three of them to every wave, protected by ranged troops like cannons, pyros or arblasters and your defense is fine. Place high level towers close to the start and wait for poor raiders. After reconnecting almost nobody from non maxed teams will be able to beat your base without heavily scrolling, resurrections and so on, unless they have overpowered perks that help them in some way to survive or avoid the explosive poison bombs.

They are now like little versions of doom gate with their exploding poison bombs. Poor players who try to raid a base with these tanks in defense that are forged on blunt damage quite some times.

Just one season boost was needed to compensate overpowered offense it seems. I think this proves my point that offense never was overpowered at all, but that’s a different discussion/story.

Why is purtrid prawler overpowered in defense? The defensive prawlers start to fire at anything moving. Ninjas are neutralized within a few seconds and short ranged troops like insta archer stand no chance until they are in range to hit the prawlers. The bombs come in and destroy anything that moves with just a few hits, even shield won’t keep offensive troops save.

Even a max surprise mummy doesn’t do any good when not shielded. Mummy is destroyed by just a few (two or three can already be enough!) hits and the knights popping out are guaranteed to have no long life either, since the hit that destroys the mummy also damages them already and reduces their health almost to zero.

Even using the prawler in offense can’t compensate the difference, since offensive prawlers seem to ignore some defensive units like cannons while the prawlers in defense just target anything moving around. Only chance a raider has is to make it to near prawlers and use insta archers to take them out or a firestorm with extended range to destroy them from far away. Only… You can’t get that easy close to them that easily. It’s just looks like an episode of ultimate survival in the beginning. Try to stay alive at any cost, summon insta archers where required and move on and take the next hurdle. Do anything to keep health of hero high, otherwise it’s end of raid.

I think this will be a memorable war season, it will be looking for bases of opponents that don’t have the prawler in defense or at least not that much. So we can only hope not every player of the opponent has maxed mortars and put them in defense.

Flare had actually created Putrid Prowler for Offense so that it deals damage to towers but it is better in defense. Just imagine Putrid Prowler with Uber LT. Would have been worse.

How to handle Putrid Prowler - use firestorm or bladestorm as effective counter. You need to use a fast army say knights and werewolf along with insta- archers. Why? To avoid bombs. Arblasters and Paladins are complete no. Can even use this combo - Insta Archer+Monk+Wolf for constant heals from poison. If you have Surprise Mummy, use them to unleash knights.

Use Putrid Prowlers to counter Putrid Prowlers :grinning: :grinning:


That’s how I can get past my base.

Main problem is that offensive troops only stand a chance while they keep moving. And there is the main problem, offensive troops need to stop to destroy defensive structures plus troops. And when that happens… the acid bombs fly in, doing their damage and cripple your army. A lot of your troops are just whiped of the map, while the ones surviving the blow just need one small extra push to be destroyed. The monks just don’t survive in my base due to heavy blunt damage. A mad monk stands a chance, but you need to be in a team that has them.

One of the best raiders of my team tried my base with our boosts, best what he could do after three attempts was reaching the gate, no matter what was used, three offensive spells even where tried. It was already a miracle that some can get that far.

You can’t move fast while trying to whipe out a barricade or tower, your troops stand still for a slight moment and that’s enough. I can guarantee you that monk, surprise mummy and insta arbs won’t get very far in my base (wolf I even take as insta troop). what do you start with? With monks? they won’t even pass second barricade before getting killed. My maxed skull with range forge is awaiting them, accompanied by shots of the prawlers. Insta archers? Just one or two bombs and they are gone.

Wolf? He tries to cry and gets immediately three+ bombs on his head and dies. Maybe he did boost some troops nearby, but also those are hit and don’t have a lot of lifepoints left.

Surprise Mummy then? Nope, while moving they are hit, knights die instantly when another bomb flies in.


And did you forge a lot of blunt damage to your prawlers? Every blunt damage forge on mortars is in advantage of defense, since defensive ones target every troop while offensive ones don’t. Even my pyros get shot, while they aren’t that sensitive to poison damage. Combine the mortars in defense with troops like cannons and other troops not being targeted by offensive mortars. Your purtrid prawlers don’t fire at them, but get destroyed by defending mortars. Any treat to them is usually a cannon, but they are

You can try my base or the one of a team member of yours who forged blunt damage a lot. just let them make defense waves with at least three prawlers and for the rest cannons and troops not being targeted by offensive prawlers. I think you will be surprised by the outcome. Even offensive prawlers don’t stand a chance. They fire at towers, get hit and won’t make the second turn.

Offensive Prowlers do attack defensive Prowlers - try it out! They also attack monks. Long-range combat.

Maybe they do, maybe they don’t. Try my base and you will find out why I said even even offensive purtrid prawlers don’t stand a chance.

Even when you only summon prawlers you won’t get far.