I hate the offense troop perks

I only get the wolves and mummy toughness, i’m never going to use them in offense there only for defense. I emptied the slot for a  new perk, got the same one. For me, monsters are useless in offense, there only for defense. Even though i don’t use them, there’s only  200 plus health, which  makes no difference. There are much more  useful peprks that could’ve taken there place. I’ve spent many pearls; their hard to get.

Master when you get higher level you will use monsters in offence (a lot), werewolves and mummies (when boosted) are two of the most effective offensive units in the game, although extra health on a boosted mummy isn’t too useful as you want it to die and spawn knights more often than not.

Wolf health is a great prek!!!

what if you want them to die? xP

Lol only in defense… troop perks does nothing for defense units

I was talking about the blessing wolf xD

If my wolf die, all my frosters die with him