I hate to sound like a doofus but...

…can someone explain to me why im surrounded by people under lvl 50 with lightning towers? Thought you had to be lv50 to get them?

apologies chucky, i had to use someone as an example

Hello there,

I do not see any Apollo Tower in the defense of this player.

What I can see is an Artemis Towers, Poseidon Towers and Prometheus Towers.

Did you try to attack the player to check it out?

Ok… So the lightning bolt symbol isnt a lightning tower, its an ice tower? And the three pointed arrow is the lightning tower, since thats all that seems to be left? I dont feel like such a doofus afterall. Thanks:)


Hey Jopman,

What do you mean by the “three pointed arrow”?

The arrow symbol is for the Artemis Tower, the fire one is for Prometheus Tower, and the one left in the middle (water) is for Poseidon.

the apollo tower is the symbol with the three arrows! thats a lightning tower!

Yep, got it:)