I have a plan for a super merge if alliances or new recruits

are up for it… In an alliance that doesn’t seem to get new recruits to stay? Wars getting harder because people left when it started getting difficult? Getting outnumbered in the wars? I am currently in an alliance with 8 core members who donate daily and fight 10/10 fights by choice in the wars when they can. Talkative and loyal (not boost grabbers) With recruiting being ever so tiresome and boring I have a way for alliances to merge and join in the brand new alliance with planning. Add me on the app to talk about it, you wont be disappointed. We can discuss donations, generals, plans, wars, boosts and more. I will be visiting alliances during the war cool down to discuss it also to try and get the ball rolling.

Look me up

The Fresh One


I just left an alliance I had been on for over 6 months to follow a “friend”. After arriving at the new alliance, which had been doing very well, the leader left to move on to a bigger alliance. Soon after that everyone starting leaving. We have 8 pretty solid players left who donate and play max battles in wars.


Why don’t you check our The Royal Mobb and talk to the new leader, AlmightyOvrlord. It may work.

Didn’t work. He did not accept the “friend” request

John how about you ask him to accept the request?

John has asked to join Blade Storm so I’m rather confused