I Have A Proposal For New Dark Units

RRII Dark Troops And Onyx Proposal

Dark Troops Need:

  1. Dark Troop Academy

  2. Onyx (New Currency)

  3. Levels 4-8 In The Troop Academy

  4. Onyx Mine

  5. Onyx Storage

The Dark Troops Are:

  1. Dark Electro (Dark Level 1)

  2. Healer (Dark Level 2)

  3. Necromancer (Dark Level 3)

  4. Zombie (Dark Level 4)

  5. Assassin (Dark Level 6)

  6. Catapult (Dark Level 7)

  7. Henchman ( Dark Level 8)

  8. Dragon (Dark Level 9)

  9. Heroine (Hero Level 9)

This is not Clash of Clans ?


Well this is not possible to convert rr2 into clash of clans but if flare had given us chance to watch replay of attack as is provided in clash of clans,then it would be much better.


Dark Troops Are Just like Regular Troops Except The Are More Powerful And Are Black!

Yes, ROCK619, that would be good if you could watch replay. But, RR2 is not CoC and attacks are different so that might be tough.


War of clans!!!