I have a question about defense

Ok, so, here’s what I’ve seen: Once the king breaks through the first line of defense, it’s over. He’s able to rush ahead, kill all the units, and summon cannons to make quick work of the towers.

So here’s my question. Is it better to try to be well-balanced (since it’s more cost-effective) or is it better to dedicate all your funds to having a choke point at the beginning? For example, if your first two waves are 2 Mummies, 1 Ogre, 2 Werewolves, and 2 Garygoyles, and the first towers your opponents encounter are a max Snake and a Max Firebolt, then that’s pretty much an instant K.O. at the the 3k trophy level. The monsters force the opponent to retreat back to their tent, and then overwhelm it at the lack of the hero’s army. Highly unrealistic, but you get my point. So back to my question. Is it better to develop in a well-balanced way to get the most bang for your buck, or is it better to dedicate all funds to a choke point at the beginning since the rest of it can get sliced through anyway?

Its better to just work on a few towers/waves IMO and focus on one specific spot to kill the opposing king. It will net you more gems and a decent amount of trophies when it works, The big downside is as you stated once they get past that part you are done. If they revive after that spot or scroll in that spot you are done, but you earn some gems so i prefer this method.