I have a question about the top alliances...

Since there are only so many alliances, obviously one must be the best. And since you can win 5 fiefdoms per Season no matter who you’re matched against, isn’t it theoretically possible that the strongest alliance, could just grow indefinitely? That being said, with the top alliance growing indefinitely, won’t that also mean that their boosts become stronger and stronger? And thus, that it’ll become easier and easier for them to win? I can easily see one alliance having all boosts at Lv.10, while everyone around them has boosts at Lv.5. Will this be the case?

Well Vanguard Legion is the strongest alliance but they don’t win every season.

They did win there last season and have the highest fiefdom count of the alliances I’ve looked at.

Yes can happen that maybe an alliance continue to win leaving aside the others with poor elite boosts.

One other thing is that not always they conquer 5 fiefdoms every time, maybe they can win with only 4 with lot of skulls etc there are many combinations.

And i think they grow up a bit a bit so maybe 1 time win one maybe one time win another, the third time win again the first one and so on, so up and down are coming in every War Season.

I guess currently, it’s less about the top single alliance, than about the top faction of alliances…

Vanguard might be the strongest alliance, or one of the very few strongest ones, but even they have a hard time fighting against 4 SK faction alliances at the same time… having said that, they in turn try to cooperate with IL…


But anyway, I think the problem of ever-growing fiefdoms for some top alliances might be an issue in the nearer future, but not only based on single-alliance strength, but also (mainly?) on faction strength. 

Yeah, there’s definitely room for 2 alliance to win 5 fiefdoms each season.

It will be a problem down the road as they gain a huge elite boost advantage but we are only in season 4 or so and I don’t believe anyone one alliance has won each war season yet.