I have a suggestion!

Hello Flaregames! I’m a woman playing rr2 game. And I know many women that are playing this game as well. I think you could provide a female avatar. You already have a queen in the game, so why don’t you offer this queen avatar for us? There are three girls in my alliance. Not mentioning the amount of other women playing with a king avatar every day,  spending money buying the packages, fighting as equals against opponents.  Don’t you think we deserve it? I know it may take a while, but can you please at least consider the idea?

Thanks for reading this!

This is probably the very most requested feature of this game by now…



C’mon flare it’s 2015…

hahaha yes this has been brought up so many times i cant even count them all!

Nice idea:)

But then who gonna raid with male avatar;)

Thanks for your support! I really appreciate that!  :slight_smile:

Thanks for your support again Teh!  :slight_smile:

My idea is that men and women may choose between a male (king) or a female (queen) avatar!

Thank you for your support!  :slight_smile:

I feel like men would pretend to be women. I’m neutral.

@ sentinel who cares! give the players their choice and freedom

Yeah “Queen” Avatar for girls/lady’s needs to be implemented to attract the Female players to Royal Revolt 2. 


FLARE must plan and add this feature to attract FEMALE players ASAP. It will be bonus for FLARE also as women, if they play are ferocious players :slight_smile:

Add national

Yes, even though I’m not a girl, me and my friends have thought that that would be a good idea.

Thanks!  :wink:


Thanks Shadow! I appreciate your support!  :wink:

I completely agree, some time ago in another post I mentioned the possibility of a female avatar, I think this is the change that Flaregames should consider first.

Thank you Karman! Thank you so much for your support!  :wink: