I have a theory on the New Elite Boosts!

This theory Is one I came up with on the fly and I’m only making this topic to get more people excited and talking about alliance wars…


Theory 1: The 3 new elite boosts can only be activated 1 at a time and this is how they will add new elite boosts without adding new alliance levels.


So we will have to choose between Arblaster, Mummy, or DOOM GATE!!! boosts. None at the same time.




Theory 2: We will have to choose between the 3 new elite boosts and 3 current elite boosts.


It will be Arblaster or Cannon… Mummy or Ogre… and Wolf or Doom Gate…

Another way they can add the elite boosts without adding new alliance levels, and maybe even prevent attack or defense from being too OP.



Your thoughts?

These also could be prizes for winning alliance wars or something like that maybe?

that would be incredible Jason! if they created a new way to activate boosts via the alliance wars…


zomg :wub:


Well actually there’s a little evidence for that theory…


On the latest alliance wars picture one of the raised octagon things has snow maybe for frost arblaster, one has volcano maybe for doom gate, maybe the forest one is for mummys…


Maybe the one with the barrels is the first level before the rest.

what i hope is they can ONLY be activated during alliance war

Wouldn’t be surprised at all if the new elite boosts come together with new alliance levels.

A lot of people want to have these boosts and after the last updates of max alliance level Flare knows pretty well, that some alliances can’t wait to have max level and happily throw lots of money at reaching it…

if new elite boost is unlocked only for newly add up alliance lvl, i would be expecting many noises made by most player since they won’t be able to reach that lvl unless they join top alliance

There would be a lot of

Player backlash if you needed level 56+ alliance for the new boosts

what ever will come i am sure it will not for free. i think the new elite will depends on alliance level and so more little alliance must upgrade to stay in the competition.

in my opinion since last update its not worth to spend thausends of dollar/euro to reach level 55, its wasted.

with this new maxed member alliances the new generation of clan hopper show up also the big alliances steal high donator (i mean alliance tower lvl) from the small alliance. there is only one loyality now, its the high lvl elite. thats sade and poor.