I have an announcement...

You are probably wondering what I’m gonna say, right? Well, here goes. This isn’t easy for me, but 16 months after downloading Royal Revolt 2, I am sorry to announce my retirement from the game. I will not be rejoining it for any time in the foreseeable future. If my bro had gotten RR2 I may have stayed in, but it looks like it’ll be a while before that happens. So, before I end this awesome journey that I’ve had with you guys, I’m gonna add a few comments about alliances and about what I’ll be doing, so be sure to stick around haha. First off, a big thanks for my first ever alliance: Street-Fighters, for picking me out of nowhere telling me that I had “potential” and giving me a ton of hope to become a top player (…false hope I guess :lol:), second, to The Knights who say Ni, one of the funniest group of people I’ve ever met, you guys keep doing what you’re doing. Third, to my “current” alliance Alpha Guard, you guys are the friendliest people in the game, in my opinion. Never saw anyone complain about the leadership or about other players. You guys took me in and only 3 weeks later, promoted me to general. You guys are awesome, and I certainly do wish the best for you in all your upcoming adventures. Oh, and @Maestro, win a Fortnite battle for me :slight_smile:

Okay, so a few more announcements:

  1. I may actually return to RR2 sometime soon just to check out the update, but if all things continue to be as boring as it was when my laptop broke down, I’ll just stop. Flaregames, I understand that to run a gaming company is not the easiest thing in the world. I want to give you a hand in all the things you did for us last year. You kept us busy with Festivals. Please, for the sake of the players that are left in the game, continue to add fun things into the game. If it helps, maybe consider hiring a few more people to help diffuse bugs much quicker. 

  2. If you guys do want to talk with me not through the PM here, you can find me in Fortnite: Battle Royale with the gamer-tag:  bashibazook

I’d be happy to play with you guys :grinning:  

  1. I am going to stay on the forums and try to stay up to date with updates and stuff. This way I can still contribute and help out the community :slight_smile:  

Oh, and Cromka, keep doing what you’re doing :lol: :grinning:  

Alright guys, that’s all I’m gonna say, so adios for right now, perhaps I will see you sometime either in the game or in, well, another game lol

God bless you all,


It’s sad that you leave this game. You missed the last community week, you are missing also “Pal Festival” and, in addition, you will miss version 4. Your king is still at level 98, mine is at level 111. You are missing my improvements/progress. I have more trophies than I ever had before during this war season and this current festival also because I changed alliance (therefore, I changed placement of towers, modified waves, changed beast and modified offensive units setup) after the last ninja event and I’m upgrading a lot of towers at the same time.

You are a good guy AK and you will be missed. Good luck in your gaming journey and may our paths cross once more in the future ? Maybe 4.0 will introduce something new and exciting that will be worth the return. No matter what, best wishes to you and your family.

It is sad that A LOT of long time players have left recently.

Can anybody hear Pink Floyd?



Hey AK, sad to see you leave. You were an awesome member and general and if you do come back to the game get back in touch with us.

Maybe I’ll see you online in Fortnite to play a match or two. ?


Wish you all the best!

A big lost for the game. You was very active and all.Doing your Pro League,War Season and all. RR2 lose a big player. hope its just temporary and you will come back with 4.0. Active player like you are enough rare in RR2 now. A big masterpiece who gone :slightly_frowning_face:

Wish you all the best at school,in the life and all.

Certainly will contact you when I come back to check out 4.0 :grinning:  

Haha, yep, still haven’t gotten around to fixing my laptop, so one of my older bro’s has been letting me play a bit on his account. Got my record kill count last week with 5, so that was fun. Still a noob though lol

Best wishes AK!!!

Because of you I joined the awesome friends over at Alpha Guard. You’ll be missed!

Come back when the update comes out to see!.


I was wondering why you went inactive.

Good luck in your future endeavors. We may need to follow your example soon and leave this decrepit mess that RR2 is becoming…