I have bugs in the game

From the beginning of the war I have problems with the game, my army is beating each other, as if the nyx tower attacked me all the way and infected my army with a virus, but this is not the case, the army disappears, they fight each other, I have already installed the game twice and it is still the same, I play on a PC with windows 10, I am playing some time and I know when something is going wrong with the game, this problem blinded me a lot, is there any advice? Please reply .

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A video will help us understand more before anyone can comment, otherwise make a report!


Salut Archi, donc je vais écrire une vidéo, parce que quelque chose ne va pas avec le jeu, je l’avais avant mais il est revenu à la normale et maintenant je l’ai à nouveau et la guerre est faible GK avec seulement deux résistances faibles était indestructible.

Hi Archi, so I’ll write a video, because something is wrong with the game, I had it before, but it’s back to normal and now I have it again and the war is weak GK with only two weak resistances was indestructible.

Hello I want to write that I still have the same problem, I was waiting to make sure, no matter where I fight is the problem of hanging cyclops, invisible units jump out or like a tower of nyx, which is not infected by my army, all the time I go back with the hero, though not has nobody there and the army is fighting with each other, I think I have a bug. Now I have another technical problem, I lost the titanium chest and I still can’t pick up the next one for the challenge, I missed 64 ambrosia, the titanium chest, I lost over 200 because I continued to fly on the island, when I picked up the titanium chest, I was thrown out of the game and this chest I lost, when I got back to the game, he still shows me that I miss 264 ambrosia for the next chest, in the next fight I went very far, I lost over 1000 ambrosia in two directions, I came back to the island and shows me that I still lack 261 ambrosia crate, each time I can not pick up the next titanium crate, and the amount of ragweed is reduced by a few bottles. I have logged out many times and nothing has helped, unless I have to uninstall the game, in war there is still the same problem shows me a different number of skulls acquired than I actually have

there is one more problem after killing GK his shadow remains, it is very thoughtful, I’m coming back because I’m not sure if I killed him :smiley:

this happens for me when graphical issues accumulate and for me this are units from a nearby sharon when the spit out skulls are not visisble due to not shown animations. (there are some more issues related to that).
usually i dont care anymore about it, but during war when eg markers are also not shown i do a device restart which fixes these issues for some time.


Hi Nan The first account I play on a computer so I should not have such graphical errors