I have small problem :D


Hello. I have a question regarding the medals . When I want to attack constantly I write that get 26 medals . I 72lvl and do not know what's going on , once I had no such problem gave attack and each time it was 150+ medals . My friend has the same lvl and still gets 150+ medals and I 26+ What they do depend on the number of medals . From the road lvl buildings

i have some problems someone help us

u need to attack higher players to get high amount of medals

if u attack u will take only 26 medals only

even i am level 91 and get 34 medals from each player

so attack on tougher players to get good amount of medals

Your king level has nothing to do with it, what matters are the trophies. What is your trophy range ? Of course level of buildings/waves determines the number of medals the base offers but if you raid people too low in trophies or open bases the medals will be low.

I have 2200 trophy :wink:

i have 2150 trophy


King level does have something to do with it. I don’t know about trophies I went form 31 to 32 each raid after leveling up.

Not much, if a high level king drops trophies to for example 1k, 2k, even with his full base of maxed towers I will see 34 medals from him base if I’m where I should be - around 5-6k of trophies.

Maybe king’s level can determine minimal medals you get from a base, maybe you are right but the max minimum is 34 medals (I’m a 107 level with 5500 trophies), so if someone around my trophies open a base I will can get only 34 medals, if I go to 1k-2k bases I will get 34 medals and 0 trophies.

Flare decided to give mid level players only minimum medals (they slowly rise with king level) most of the time.
It will end at about level 85+ or 3500-3700 tropies. Just read more about it here.

Some get into this situation earlier than others (e.g. same hero level), that depends on your upgrades of spells
and troops. If you concentrate on maxing one spell (e.g. sonic blast) you will get there faster.