I have some doubts about synchronization

1)I have read that synchronization is not possible on windows devices but My HTC 8x windows phone 8.1 and HP envy 4 Windows 8 laptop are synchronized?




2)I also have a Dell venue 7 (Android) tablet can sync my game on that too?


but the problem is that the game on my tablet having ign Mayur Dawani has already around 15-16 hundred trophies but this profile is getting boring cause my actual profile on windows os is having 24-25 hundred trophies (ign: Emperor Mayur Dawani)




3)is it legal to sync game on 3 devices?

  1. AFAIK, it is not forbidden to alternatingly play on several different devices.


  1. If you have devices that are synchronized, it obviously works… not sure what exactly your question is there? One thing is that synchronization may not work on all devices or not work properly at times or have some bugs, but if it works for you, fine, enjoy it. :grinning:


  1. AFAIK it is not possibly to synch across devices with different operating systems (e.g. windows - android). Also, different player profiles can’t be merged into one.

True, W8 and WP8 are different, but closely related (and both use Microsoft services such as microsoft’s OneDrive cloud storage, which is as far as I know involved in synchronization on windows (phone) from what I have heard so far)… Windows and Android, in contrast, are not related and there already have been other topics where it was stated synching between those is not possible (search the forums, there’s a search feature).


As such, I’d say it is not possible and thus not worth a support ticket. However, you can try - worst case they tell you it’s not possible. :grinning:

I know at least one user, who play android and WP. The same kingdom!


added: two users!